Transiting Moon
Want to create some magic in your life?

It only takes a few minutes to explore out how the transiting moon can help create magic into your daily life.

The moon changes signs approximately every two and a half days.  As it changes the energy of that sign is subtlety turned up in the collective.

For example, as the moon transits through Gemini you may notice people want to communicate more.  You may receive more phone calls or receive more emails.  People want to talk more.  It can sometimes be difficult to get them off the phone!

With the moon transiting Aries people will be more impatient.  They want quick responses.   People are not in the mood to wait in long lines.  It can definitely helpful build relationships by being aware how the moon effects others.

An interesting experiment is to map your mood and energy levels, noting the phase and sign of the moon. This enables you to align yourself with the energy.

Every thought you think and every encounter you have with others is amplified or modified by the sign of the moon.  By planning, you can take advantage of the magical powers of the moon and save many hours of frustration as you flow with the energy and not fight against it.

Having an awareness of the position of the moon you can gain control of your mood and grasp opportunities when they arise.  Don't forget to go to and check to see what astrology zone is being energised in your chart.

If you want to know more about how each sign influences the moon click on the links below and introduce some magic into your life.

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