Want to learn Astrology?
Curious how it can change your life?

To begin to learn Astrology I am going to take you on a compelling journey.  No, I am not going to tell you everything here is correct.  There are many variations as you are all individuals. Astrological meanings are not one size fits all. 

Ideally, you should book a personal Astrology reading with an experienced Astrologer.  A professional Astrologer will analyse the data in your birth chart.   They can offer you insight into how your chart influences your life.  Highlighting your key strengths and the areas you need to work on to enhance your life.     

However, hopefully you will enjoy what I have put together to give you some insight and curiosity to explore more about yourself. The interpretations written on this website are very general and should not be taken literally.  There are too many things to take into account such as your environment, age, era just to name a few.

As you make your way through the information you will read sections applying to your chart but then other descriptions may totally contradict what you just read!  That's why its worthwhile to have your own personal astrology chart reading.

It is also very important to know your time, date and place of birth.  It is best to re-confirm if you have been told your birth time was 11.00am.  It may have actually been 11.10am - this can make a big difference.  So best to re-check if possible - especially when told on the hour or half hour.  (hope that makes sense) - Go to astro.com to get your chart for free.

To begin to learn Astrology let's start with Astrology Signs  then come back here and make your way through the various links.

Tips to help:-

Planets and Transits represent a particular energy - the what 

Signs flavour how the energy is expressed - the how

Houses indicate the area of life where the energy is being expressed

The planet is like an actor in a play.  The sign could be likened to a costume or personality and the house would be the setting and the scene where the drama is unfolding.

Click here if want some information on Astrology History

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