Void of Course Moon
How you can embrace this energy?

The void of course moon is the period before the moon changes signs and doesn’t make any aspects to another other planet. This can vary from several hours to just a few minutes. There are also periods when it makes no aspects for a day or two, so it can be useful to know when these times are – especially if you have important decisions to make.

The moon moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac every 28.5 days and spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign.

Action taken around the void of course moon usually does not eventuate as you often change your mind or circumstances beyond your control prevent the outcome of being accomplished. You may also notice things are a lot quieter than normal, shops, cafes and streets appear to be less busy than usual. Even your day at work can sometimes be quieter.

A few years ago I scheduled my floorboards to be being sanded and polished during a void of course moon. The boys arrived and began sanding - but after about an hour they informed me there was far too much cement stuck on the boards and if they continued - I would be left with a floor that resembled a Zebra! I was not charged for the job and was left with a floor that was rather hideous. I had previously struggled for weeks to chisel the tiles off the floor boards that had been glued to the unpolished floorboards.

A few weeks later I called another sander who promised he could do the job but it would cost me a little extra. I later discovered the reason the first sanders did not want to complete my job was because they had under quoted!! I eventually ended up with beautiful sanded floors.  And yes, I made sure the sanding did not begin when the moon was void.

Anyways, over the past few years I have found ways to embrace this period and now look forward to it! It can give you an excuse to relax and have a break without feeling guilty about wasting time.

The following tips are some useful ways to use the void-of course moon in productive ways.

  • Plan to do routine tasks, cleaning up, household chores etc.
  • Ideal time to meditate, listen to relaxing music - your mind is clearer and calmer. 
  • Take a walk or have a nap. Perhaps visit the gym, go for a swim or do some yoga.
  • An excellent time to de-clutter the stuff in your life. Find a home for things you need. Anything else can get recycled or discarded. Re-organise the draws and cupboards and make room for new energy.
  • Ideal time to take a step back and see the bigger picture – consider making a list of things you want to achieve/complete.   You can action those mundane tasks as well as using the moon’s sign energy to your advantage. For example cleaning up routine papers ideal with the moon is in Virgo or Gemini.
  • Catching up with friends or family time can be fun as long as you don’t have to organise too much. Keep it simple have a quick salad and pizza with a few drinks or some sandwiches and coffee.

Things that should not be done in the void-of-course mode:

  • Try and steer clear of starting a new job – unless you are okay if it ends up being short term.
  • Avoid making calls to set up meetings as they often have to be changed and re-scheduled.
  • Do not commence anything important or life-changing.
  • Avoid scheduling a first date, meeting or job interview – especially if you want it to last long term.
  • Avoid buying expensive goods.

Whilst we don’t always have control of events happening in our lives there are still lots of occasions when we do have control and can take action by embracing the magic of the moon’s cycle.

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