Your Saturn Return
Do you feel grown up yet?

We experience our First Saturn Return around the age of 30. According to Astrology we haven't grown up until we reach this stage. This is the time we may start to take on more responsibilityin our lives.

The teenage years are gone and we may not be up to partying as much as we did through our 20s.

We may settle down into a career with more responsibility. People often get married and have children around this time.

Putting down roots buying a house all those practical things may be important to you now. Its time to build foundations towards your future.

We experience our Second Return to Saturn around the age of 58. This can be a rewarding time especially if we are able to release some of the responsibilites we had to deal with in the past.

Perhaps we can now retire to do those things we never had the time to do when we were working and bringing up children etc.

We may now enjoy time travelling, gardening or perhaps spending quality time with grand children. Hopefully, we are happy with what we have achieved in our life so far. This is the time we become aware, if we have wasted the past 30 years. It can be a wake up call to put into progress steps to ensure the next 30 years will be an enjoyable time. We should try not to waste another minute as we know how fast life can be.

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