Astrology Love Compatibility
Learn more about your relationships

The first step in Astrology love compatibility is to examine each chart separately. In a woman’s chart an Astrology will look at her Mars, Sun as well her Venus sign, house and aspects. In man’s chart an Astrologer will consider his Venus and Moon sign, house and aspects. You can learn more about these planets by clicking on the links below.

As relationships are a complex area there are a lot of other things to consider. For example what other aspects may be personally affecting you or your partner? It is good to have an awareness of what you or your partner may be experiencing - especially in challenging times. This can give you both an insight into how to deal with different situations. 

In most cases the relationship question is one of the intimate love kind so the 7th house is the most important. If the relationship is different for example a family relationship an Astrologer will look at the 4th house – a relationship with one’s child the 5th house, friends the 11th house, colleague 6th and/10th houses, teacher/student 3rd and 9th houses.

Both charts will then be linked together to determine what challenges and opportunities the relationship offers. It will also determine if there is chemistry and if the relationship is likely to be a passing fling or if it has the potential to develop into a long term relationship.

To discover more about yourself click on the links below to help you gain more insight into your relationships.

Venus signs
Mars signs
Moon Signs
Sun Signs

Do you want to learn more about your compatibility and/or relationship(s) and what each other can offer to enrich each other lives? To learn what's important for you and/or your partner you consider booking an Astrological love compatibility reading click here to contact me for more details.

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