Your Venus Sign
How do you relate to others?

Our Venus Sign influences the way we relate to other people romantically, socially and describes our attitudes towards money.

When thinking about star sign compatibility one of the major things an astrologer will look at is the sign Venus was in at your birth. Click on and enter in your details to obtain your free your chart.
I have summarized below some of the traits for Venus in each sign:

Venus in Aries

With Venus in Aries you can be impulsive in your love life. You are very passionate. Sometimes falling in love too quickly and rushing into a relationship. If you find it hard to save money you may find it useful to organise a portion to be directly deposited into a separate savings account.

Venus in Taurus

Venus rules Taurus and is comfortable in this sign. You love romance are naturally warm and affectionate. Appreciating the good things in life - fine food, wine, music and clothes. Being passionate you can also be possessive with your loved ones. You are generally good at making money and enjoy building security for our future.

Venus in Gemini

With your Venus sign in Gemini communication is very important. Variety is important. You can be a little superficial towards romance and you love to flirt. You are good at sales and have a flair for making money finding bargains.

Venus in Cancer

With Venus in Cancer you express kindness and sympathy. You also have a powerful instinct to protect your loved ones. Being deeply sensitive you sometimes get easily get hurt. Money is usually spent on your home to make it comfortable often collecting home crafts, antiques etc.

Venus in Leo

With Venus in Leo you are affectionate, generous and warm-hearted. You love the opposite sex and often marry early in life. Although generous you can be a bit bossy in your relationships. You love quality and enjoy earning lots of money to add to your rich life and enjoy sharing it with your loved ones.

Venus in Virgo

With Venus in Virgo you have high expectations about your love life. You prefer a neat and well organised environment and prefer your partner to share this value. Although you are passionate it is not always obvious. You are very considerate and have high standards causing you to sometimes be a little critical with those you love. You are careful with money and tend to spend it on practical items.

Venus in Libra

With Libra being the second sign ruled by Venus you are naturally romantic and affectionate. Idealistic when it comes to relationships. You love glamorous parties and can be very charming. Being diplomatic and tactful you try to avoid conflict. You enjoy spending money and will mainly spend it on your loved ones.

Venus in Scorpio

With your Venus sign in Scorpio your passions and needs for a loving relationship is intensified. You can appear elusive and secretive at times. Security is important to you so you are generally good with your finances.

Venus in Sagittarius

With Venus in Sagittarius you love to party. You are passionate but also love your freedom and independence. You also love to travel and expand your mind. You want to have fun in your relationships. Money usually flows in easily and if you are not careful it flows out just as quickly.

Venus in Capricorn

With Venus in Capricorn you sometimes dislike showing your real feelings. Once you are committed in a relationship you are comfortable with staying for the long term. You are very ambitious and put a lot of passion into your career. Your finances are generally in good shape as you are careful with how and what you spend your money on.

Venus in Aquarius

With Venus in Aquarius you love freedom and meeting new people. You are often more comfortable being friends rather than lovers. You also enjoy being involved in clubs and committees. Your finances are usually in good shape and you sometimes spend it on unusual or quirky things.

Venus in Pisces

With Venus in Pisces you are sensitive and can be a little idealistic when it comes to romance. You are compassionate and find it easy to display empathy with others. You often give your money to charities.

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