Astrology Midlife Cycles

The Astrology Midlife cycles also referred to as the midlife crisis are critical stages in the journey of your life. You experience these cycles between 35 and 51. These important midlife cycles give you opportunities to expand your self development and empower your life!

Astrology Midlife Cycles

I have briefly described each of these cycles to help you understand why you may feel the urge to make important changes in your life during these times.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are the planets involved in these cycles.

Pluto Square Pluto

This Astrology Midlife cycle occurs around your mid thirties when Pluto makes a square to its natal position in your birth chart. This can last up to about 18 months and can be a very transformative powerful time.

Pluto is all about power, sex and manipulation. This can be a time when you may feel as if someone in your life is trying to bring you down. If you are not naturally an assertive person you may find it very useful to develop some of these skills.  You will be extremely aware of anyone trying to make you do something you don't want to do.   Beware of manipulating your power over others - or you may not like the consequences.

You may need to deal with your shadow side - the part you keep hidden. This is the time you will need to face any issues you have not dealt with in the past. Connecting with people on a soul level to create substance in your life is more important during this cycle.

Pluto also deals with death this does not necessarily mean physical death but a death of job which doesn't serve its purpose anymore or a relationship you feel you no longer need. There may be endings and beginnings in your life now.

Neptune Square Neptune

This Astrology Midlife cycle occurs around our early 40s - Neptune is the planet connected to dreams. Like the fantasy of falling in love but suddenly find yourself falling out of love just as quickly.

With this midlife cycle you may be more sensitive to things you would normally not worry about. You may start to question where are you going? What's going to happen next? You may have been dreaming for a better life and don't really like where you are at this time.

You may feel like escaping for a while. However, most of us have to keep getting on with our daily routines in order to make a living and pay the bills etc.  Try and take regular holidays during this time even if it's just the weekend away. It will be good for you to get away and recharge the batteries.

This is a time when you may feel more emotional or you may find yourself crying more easily.  Don't worry just let the tears flow as you release any deep feelings.  If possible try not to make huge decisions as your thinking may be too emotionally based.

Great time to go to the movies - enjoy a bit of fantasy try not to take life too seriously. Start a journal so you can get your feelings out even if you don't express them to the world. Meditation, swimming or just going for a walk are great ways to heal.  Getting in touch with nature is an important way to experience and get the best out of this midlife cycle.

Uranus opposition Uranus

This Astrology midlife cycle also occurs around the early 40s and can be a time when you want freedom more than anything else in your life.

Again, you start to question what you really want from life? Are you just trying to fit into what everyone else is doing? Have you fallen into a rut and lost your own uniqueness. It's time to respect yourself and find time to review what you want your life to look like in the future.

Are you on track or are you doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results?

By making some adjustments to find time to get some space now you can cope with this midlife crisis a lot easier.

Chiron Return

This Astrology Midlife cycle occurs in our early 50s and it's believed that once it comes back to where it was when we were born we are healed.

Wherever Chiron is in your Astrololgy chart is where you feel inferior perhaps a bit uncomfortable.

If you have challenging aspects to Chiron in your chart - this is a time you have a chance to finally heal those wounds.

This is the time you often start to think about your own mortality. Perhaps a parent dies or you know someone that dies. You start to realise you may as well enjoy life - as the first 50 years have already gone so fast!

You may consider retiring in the future or working part time. This is the last Astrology midlife crisis - time to step out into life and finally stop worrying about what others think about us.

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