What is your Mars sign?

Astrology describes how your Mars Sign influences your physical attraction. It also rules your energy levels and temperament.

To discover what sign your Mars is in go to Astro.com and enter your birth details.

I have listed some following general traits for Mars in each Sign:

Mars in Aries

With Aries being in the sign ruled by Mars this is a strong position. High physical energy - sport is a great way outlet for you to let go of any anger. You have plenty of drive and have the ability to initiate and start new projects. You have the stamina required to win and succeed if you work on finishing what you start.

Mars in Taurus

With Mars in Taurus you have a passionate nature. You are a sensuous and affectionate partner. You are good at sports like boxing, weight-lifting and dancing. You will put plenty of energy into making and spending money. It takes a lot to get you angry but once fired up you may end up hurting those you love - try and count to 10 before lashing out.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini is motivated by some kind of intellectual action. Communication is important - you are mentally alert and love to talk.  You may try to do too many things at the same time and scatter your energy. Working in the same job will tend to bore you so a change of job or perhaps juggling two part time jobs may suit your personality.

Mars in Cancer

With Mars in Cancer you express yourself on an emotional level. You love the water so swimming would be a great exercise calming your emotions as well as keeping you fit. You also put a great deal of energy into creating a nurturing home environment.

Mars in Leo

With Mars in Leo you are naturally very affectionate and passionate. You are a born leader with firm opinions. You like to have some drama in your life. Dancing would be a great sport to keep you fit and look after that heart of yours.

Mars in Virgo

With Mars in Virgo you are often passionate about the environment and nature. You are a born organiser giving great attention to the finer details. Cycling or hiking would be a great exercise for you to unwind and get outdoors.

Mars in Libra

With Mars in Libra you need to feel loved and are happiest when you are in a relationship. Falling in love at first sight is not uncommon. For exercise perhaps choose something with a social aspect like dancing or tennis.

Mars in Scorpio

With Scorpio being the co-ruler of Mars your energy is strong and you are deeply passionate. You tend to be a little possessive and sometimes secretive.  You are suited to water sports as well as heavy exercise.

Mars in Sagittarius

With your Mars in Sagittarius you like adventure and excitement in your life.  You like to gamble and enjoy placing a bet at the horse races.  Your intellectual energy is high with your thirst for knowledge to expand your mind.  You are also competitive and enjoy being out in the front winning.  You love travel and at times prone to exaggerate.

Mars in Capricorn

With Mars in Capricorn you put your passions and energy into building your career. You are extremely ambitious as well as highly organised. You enjoy the climb to the top of the ladder. Rock climbing as well as exercises requiring endurance like long distance marathons or swimming would be ideal.

Mars in Aquarius

With Mars in Aquarius you like to be a bit unconventional. Often passionate about humanitarian issues you put energy into helping those less fortunate.  You enjoy your freedom and may have an interest in science or electronics. Exercise and sport will help stimulate your circulation.

Mars in Pisces

With your Mars in Pisces you are very passionate and sensitive. You are naturally compassionate.  Your imagination helps with your creative expression. Skating, dancing or swimming would be a good choice of exercise.

As always this is only a general snapshot of how your Mars Sign influences your Astrology Chart.  For a more personal reading select Astrology Reports to gain more insight and clarity in your life.

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