Moon Signs
How do you deal with your emotions?

Astrology shows how our moon signs describe our emotional needs.

This knowledge provides an awareness about yourself as well as how you deal with others.

Learning more about your emotional needs is extremely helpful in building harmonious and loving relationships.

To discover what sign your moon was in click here and follow the instructions.

Each signs emotional character is described below:


With the moon in Aries we need to express ourselves honestly and openly to assert our individuality. Being involved in new projects and activities is important.

We often deny our needs for closeness and intimacy. We striveto be emotionally self-sufficient. When deep feelings emerge,we may without thinking fend them off with anger.

We therefore need to learn how to differentiate impulse from deeper wants and needs. Knowing what we want beyond the pleasure of momentary satisfaction.

With an Aries moon we need to show our physical and instinctive natures - eg "I exist" and "I am" in a way that gives us reality and substance so we are not continually searching for excitment and stimulation.


With the moon sign in Taurus we need to experience a solid base of self-esteem and internal security, to gain confidence in our internal resources and our capacity to earn what we need and utilize what we have, to experience physical and emotional warmth, to know the pleasures and pains of livingwithin our bodies and senses and to maintain contact with the earth.

When these needs are not met we are likely to over-compensate byindulging ourselves with food, money and external sources ofsatisfaction. We may become greedy and over materialistic.

Having a moon in Taurus we need to build our self-esteem, trust and discover our internal resources and internal security base. By satisfying our most essential needs and surrender to our deeper feelings we let go of our possessive or compulsive behaviour and experience our capacity to give and receive warmth and devotion.


With the Moon in Gemini there is a need to communicate verbally and interacting with people. Our minds need to be activeand we need to express our feelings in a relationship.

We also need to feed our need for knowledge and developing our capacities as thinkers and communicators. Care must be taken not to talk incessantly without making real contactwith someone. We may seek knowledge for knowledge's sake and intellectual activity as an escape from feeling.

If we strive to reconnect with our feelings and communicate structure into our lives we can make our mental activities and relationships truly nourishing.


With Cancer being the sign ruled by the Moon it's extremely important to come to terms with our inner needs.If we were deprived or over indulged as children it'spossible we may become excessively attached to food, home or being nurtured.

Care must be taken not feel sorry for ourselves or expect toomuch from others. It's important to contact and communicate ourreal needs and feelings.

Build an inner foundation of security and enjoy nurturing as well as being nurtured.


Having the moon sign in Leo means we need to feel loved and appreciated. We love to play and express ourselvesspontaneously and creatively. We need warmth anddevotion and give abundantly as long as we are also fed with love.

Leo's love to give as long as they can bask inthe sunlight of warmth and affection. We need at timesgo give ourselves our full attention and appreciation. Perhaps by being our own audience encourage and delightin the spontaneity and zest of our inner child.

To experience emotional satisfaction, we need to keep our hearts open to pain as well as joy. Become capable of loving others not only because they love us in turn, but also because we truly love ourselves.


With the moon sign in Virgo we need organisation in at least some facets of our lives. We need to feel valued for our services in our work and personal activities. We have high standards for ourselves and others.

We need to stay in touch with our deeper emotional nature andtake care not to become compulsive with our degree of orderand efficiency. We need to be careful that we don't becomeworkaholics, unable to relax and keep busy at all costs.

It's important to include fun and spontaneity in our life.We may need to develop new standards for ourselvesand others. By choosing to love and accept perfection ofour imperfection we can become more giving to ourselves andothers.


Having the moon in Libra we crave to experience beauty and seekto co-operate with others. One-to-one relationships are apriorty.

We love to create environments and relationships that sootheand uplift us.

To truly build satisfying relationships with others we needto develop a secure relationship with ourselves. When weaccept our own feelings and needs and assert ourselves webegin to experience a more authentic relationship.


With the moon sign in Scorpio we value our privacy and we arecapable of substantial emotional intensity and passion.

We may have a fear of losing control and deny or conceal our softer self. This fear may prevent us fromexperiencing the real connection we seek.

We need to contact our own core, to possess ourselves rather than others, and to learn how to constructivelychannel our passion.


With the moon in Sagittarius we value our freedom. Discoveringnew possibilities, religion, philosophy, travel and learning todevelop our own understanding. We are naturally generous and canrise above our difficulties through humour and enjoyable companionship.

When our needs are not met we may procrastinate. We may be avoid immediate issues by focusing upon the future and become preoccupied with ideals and goals rather than current tasks.We may move restlessly from one activity to another activityor person to person to escape from responsibility.

Perhaps by creating our own philosophy we can come to terms withrather than suppress our feelings and needs.


With the moon in Capricorn we need security, organisation andstructure. We gain satisfaction from maintaining commitmentsand achieving our aims. We are proud of our work and wantto be recognised for our achievements.

We may work incessantly, or isolate ourselves from fulfillingconnections with other people. We may feel a sense of worth onlyfrom what we accomplish but not who we are.

We need to set our own standards and give up strivingfor something that does not meet our real needs. By acceptingour feelings and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable we can discover strength and self sufficiency.


Having your moon sign in Aquarius we need to express our individuality and be free to interact with a variety of people. We need to use our intuition as well as contribute meaningfully to society.

We may have difficulty acknowledging our needs and feelings andfear closeness and intimacy. We may rebel or loudly proclaim ourself-sufficiency.

We need to develop and trust our intuition and use our minds to help us understand our feelings and discover how to meetour needs rather than escape from them.


With our moon in Pisces we need space in our livesto drift and to dream.

We may escape from ourselves through fantasy or idealization, or through addictions with alcohol or drugs. We may continuallyfocus upon the feelings and needs of others and devote ourselvesto their welfare.

We need to learn how to respond constructively to ourown feelings and needs. We need to be able to translateour vision into action and to live those dreams by forming a link between our practical and spiritual or creative natures.


Learning a little about the Moon Signs is a helpful Astrology tool. Our emotions are an extremely important part of our human psyche.  You may also like to know more about the moon phases which describes how you meet and deal with life.

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