Moon phases
What phase are you in now?

The Moon Phases in the chart are the key to intimacy with life.

The following explains the different moon cycles:

New Moon

This is the beginning of the cycle. People on average willexperience two to three progressed New Moons.

The New Moon is a very important pointer for an astrolger as it shows the unconscious desires, needs and expectations that will unfold over the next 29 years of a persons life.

Cresent Moon

This is the time to put your actions into play. This is the time of emergence of the seed, the sprouts pushing up through the ground.

First Quarter Moon

This phase occurs seven years after the New Moon and is a time of action. You may feel a need to physically materializethe desires that were implanted seven years earlier.

Gibbous Moon

This is the confident phase when you start to experiencea desire to express your knowledge. This is the stagewhere the plant is setting its fruit The rewardsare not yet ripe but are visible on the vine.

Full Moon

The time to reap the rewards. Not a time for new projects or ideas but rather a time for harvesting. This is the time toreceive, to pick the fruit for now its ripe.

This can be time time when you stay in that same job. There is no more promotion. This is the peak of the cycle.

Disseminating Moon

The harvest is over. Anything not reaped now has to be leftbehind. People often change jobs in this phase, for theyoften find the job or goal does not offer a challenge.

Now is the time to use skills or advantages gained so farby manifesting these in the community.

Third Quarter Moon

This phase is when people start to review their life situation.New ideas may start to come but they are concerned withold issues. Action is best used in restrucuturing old skills,rather than new skills. This phase can be likened to the makingof the wine.

Balsamic Moon

This is the last phase of the cycle. For most of us this willoccur in the same house and sign as the the moon.

This can be the most challenging phase of all, as we are conditioned to keep our lives full. This phase is all about clearing a space.

Friends change, old paper stored for years are tossed out. Thisis a time for clearing the old ground to make sure that thereis room in your life for the new cycle to come in. It is a timeof release. If something wants to leave your life, let it go for its space will be filled with the seeds of the New Moon.

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