Astrology Houses
the area of life we are playing in!

The Astrology Houses can be likened to a scenery on a stage showing where the drama is occurring. The birth time determines what planets are placed in the houses of your birth (natal) chart. This is why the birth time is so important. Without the correct time it is like a huge piece missing from the puzzle.

An Astrologer can still get a lot of information with just your date of birth. However, it is difficult to get the whole picture without your correct birth time.  

Your birth chart will show which of the 12 signs was rising (also known as your Ascendant) and will then divide your chart into twelve-pie shaped divisions called houses. The houses relate to areas showing where the drama is occurring.

It is also interesting to see what pieces of your chart are larger than others. It can be likened to bigger or smaller pieces of a pie, the larger pieces may indicate areas having more impact.  Each house is also influenced by the planets in these houses. As always with Astrology there are so many other different areas which also need be considered.

To discover what planet(s) are in each of your houses go to and enter in your details. You can then explore the different parts making up your chart. With this information you will discover a lot about yourself. Do not be surprised to discover certain parts of yourself you thought were strange or different.   Astrology provides insight helping us to be true to ourselves.

Our birth chart can also show us what areas are a focus for us in our lifetime. Ever wondered why some people just have to be in a relationship whilst others are not really bothered. Some like to be alone, some just have to have children etc. The houses in our chart can show us what areas we need to explore to live a more authentic life.

There are also different times in our lives when the other houses in our charts are more activated.  Basically you get to experience every house at different times in your life.

See below for a brief description of the twelve Astrology houses:

First House

  • your physical appearance
  • how you dawn on others
  • early environment

Second House 

  • what you value
  • your self worth
  • relationship to money 
  • finances

Third House

  • communication
  • relationship with siblings
  • growing up (7-14 years) - early schooling
  • short trips
  • immediate environment - includes relatives and neighbours

Fourth House

  • Home/Real Estate
  • Parent - usually father
  • family history

 Fifth House

  • your creativity
  • children
  • romance
  • hobbies
  • having fun, playing and joyful

Sixth House

  • health
  • pets
  • everyday living, daily routine
  • being of service to others 
  • relationships with work colleagues
  • mentoring 

Seventh House

  • marriage partner or significant relationship
  • how you encounter relationships
  • what you are looking for in a partner 
  • what you learn from others

 Eighth House

  • tranformation - death and rebirth
  • taxes, inheritances
  • banking and investments
  • other peoples money - joint possesions
  • taboo subjects eg occult, sex, power
  • deep intimate relationships

Ninth House

  • travel, other cultures
  • teaching, publishing
  • religion and philosophy
  • in-laws
  • higher education 

 Tenth House

  • Profession/Career
  • parent - usually mother
  • public image
  • your gift to the universe

 Eleventh House

  • groups, clubs
  • goals and dreams
  • acquaintances
  • social reform and causes 

Twelfth House  

  • meditation and prayer
  • hospitals, prisons
  • aloneness
  • behind the scenes activity 

Click on the links below to discover how the different planets influence the Astrology Houses in your chart. 

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