Saturn in Houses
Where is your mountain to climb?

Saturn in houses one to twelve describes the area of life you put a lot of effort into achieving something you feel is worthwhile. Saturn will eventually reward you for your effort – however this often takes time so instant results are not seen until you put in the work.

The mountain goat is a symbol for Saturn as you climb the mountain you may encounter plenty challenges but eventually will reach your goal.

Saturn is ruled by Capricorn and is also the co-ruler for Aquarius.

To find out which house Saturn is situated in your chart go to and complete the details.

Below are some indications to give you more insight into your own life:-

Saturn in First house
With Saturn in the first house you can be your own worst enemy. You tend to be very self critical and have a fear of looking silly or worry too much about what other people think of you. When you work hard and set realistic goals you have the determination and drive to achieve anything you set out to accomplish. Your childhood may have been full of responsibilities or restrictions. However, later on in life is when you can shine and make up for any fun you may have missed out when you were a child.

Saturn in Second house
With Saturn in the second house feelings of insecurity and worries about financial security can cause you to be stressed. You tend to be a hoarder as you fear possessions may be taken away from you - or feel you are being tested for how you manage money. It will be very productive for you to work on planning and developing patience. By facing your challenges and finding your own self worth you are able to achieve a greater appreciation of life.

Saturn in Third house
When you have Saturn in houses ruled by communication and learning you sometimes have difficulty with small talk. Your early education may have been a bit of a struggle. However, with Saturn in the third house you have the potential of developing a deep and steady mind to enable you to communicate in a clear concise manner. When you have mastered and perfected this skill you will discover the joy learning and communication can bring into your life.

Saturn in Fourth house
With Saturn in the fourth house your aim is to develop a sense of security and strength in yourself. Your goal is to discover you own mission in life and not to worry about what others think you should do or achieve. The second half of life is often when you finally discover your real purpose and start to enjoy pursuing your goals with more determination.

Saturn in Fifth house
With Saturn in houses ruled by joy, romance and children you may feel like having fun is actually hard work. Having Saturn in the fifth house can simply mean you need to give yourself permission to be more playful and have fun. Children may teach you more about yourself. You are often too concerned when things are not perfect - so you feel you cannot justify taking time out to play. This can mean you never get the time to have the fun and joy in life that you deserve. Aim to do at least one thing every day that brings you joy.

Saturn in Sixth house
With Saturn in houses ruled by daily routine and health you actually enjoy sticking to a routine. Paying attention to your health and developing a healthy diet and exercise program is important with Saturn in the sixth house. A career in a healing profession allows you to experience the fulfillment you receive when you help others. Your relationship to pets is also important to you.

Saturn in Seventh house
With Saturn in the seventh house you often look for a partner that makes you feel safe. You may be attracted to an older or more mature partner or marry later in life. You are looking for a partner that is strong and stable. By developing your own inner strength you have the potential of building an even stronger relationship.

Saturn in Eighth house
With Saturn in the eighth house you take life very seriously and sometimes have problems receiving help from others. You may be fearful of letting yourself care for another person just in case you get hurt. When you start to accept help as well as asking for help you can discover a sense of fulfillment. This is a great placement for a career in which you look after other peoples resources such as accounting, financial planner, banking etc.

Saturn in Ninth house
With Saturn in houses ruled by religion, higher education and travel it is very likely you have an interest in philosophy. You enjoy searching for the deeper meaning of life. You may be required to travel or work overseas at some stage in your life. With Saturn in the ninth house you are a very intelligent person that has a lot to offer others. Do not worry too much about what others may think of you – be yourself and enjoy the experiences life brings to you each day.

Saturn in Tenth house
With Saturn in houses ruled by career and status it will feel at home in this strong elevated position. Saturn in the tenth wants to be seen by the public as someone that is making their mark on the world. By applying yourself and taking one step at a time you are able to reach the top of the ladder through dedication, hard work and commitment. With your exceptional planning skills you would be a brilliant manager, scientist, builder, teacher, administrator etc.

Saturn in Eleventh house
With your Saturn in the eleventh house of friends and groups you need to work towards building friendships. There may be times when you feel your friends are a burden and restrict you from doing what you want to do. As you start to work with others and face any challenges you encounter you start to learn more about yourself which allows you to grow and develop. By applying what you learn you attract loyal close friends.

Saturn in Twelfth house
With Saturn in the twelfth house you have to be careful that you do not withdraw from people and avoid commitment. By accepting and asking for help from others you experience the joy of feeling connected. When you decide to commit and face any fears you may have linking with others you discover the world of love, peace and tranquility that you crave.

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