Mercury in houses
How do you communicate?

Mercury in houses one to twelve will describe how we associate with the mind, intellect and various forms of exchanging information.  Such as teaching, writing, computers and travel.

It is where you are restless, curious or inquisitive. Like a growing child excited about all the different things in the world. Mercury is also associated with someone young so this planet defines the area of your life where you want to stay forever young and maintain an open and fresh outlook.

Mercury is associated with Gemini and Virgo. The Gemini is clever at piecing bits of information together quickly and relating different aspects of life to one another. However, Virgo loves to dissect and pull things apart so they can examine each part in detail.

To find out what house your Mercury is in go to the Astrology website and complete the details.

Mercury in First House
With Mercury in the first house you are curious about life.  You enjoy asking questions.  You usually maintain your youthful appearance throughout your life.   You may have also moved around a lot in your earlier life.  This can help you deal with change and adapt more easily as your venture through life. 

Mercury in Second house
With Mercury in houses rules by finances and self worth you have the ability to communicate and network with others to build up your assets.  Mercury in the second house can also help you earn money through a variety of different areas.  Such as: selling; writing; teaching; secretarial work; transport; communication; publishing; internet etc.  A sense of security is gained through knowledge and learning.

Mercury in Third house
Being its natural ruler Mercury is strongly placed in the third house. Your mental processes and overall intelligence is usually well above average. Travel is likely to be an integral part of your job. You have a quick alert mental style. You are likely to have a talent for working in communication such as media, computers, technology etc.

Mercury in Fourth house
With Mercury in the fourth house you are likely to find yourself moving from home to home throughout your life. Even in your childhood you may have had changes of residence which could help with your flexibility and adaptability in later life. You may even enjoy living a nomadic lifestyle. With Mercury in houses ruled by the home it can also be a place where ideas are exchanged with friends, family and neighbours. You may even have two homes, one in the city and one in the country.

Mercury in Fifth house
With Mercury in the fifth house you are more included to take risks and are attracted to challenging and speculative ventures. You have a talent for communicating with children and younger people. The parent-child relationship may flourish when the child is older and able to communicate and discuss ideas. You would also have a talent for teaching young people.

Mercury in Sixth house
With Mercury in houses ruled by daily routine, health and service you are inclined to be methodical and efficient. With Mercury in the sixth house you like things to be logical and practical. You have an overriding need to keep busy. You may need to check your priorities from time to time to ensure time is not frittered away by useless pursuits and activities leading nowhere.

Mercury in the Seventh house
With Mercury in the seventh house you have a gift for communicating with others people. You are well suited to sales, public relations and anything to do with communication. You require mental stimulation and are looking for this in a partner. Sometimes you may be a bit critical of your partner.

Mercury in Eighth house
With Mercury in the eighth house you are curious about anything hidden and enjoy probing into things. You have a mind like a detective. You are fascinated with secrecy, mystery and intrigue. You may be involved in psychology and the occult and have a fascination for sex and death. You enjoy exchanges between two people such as your personal or business partner. Other people’s money and investments may also be of interest.

Mercury in Ninth house
With Mercury in houses ruled by travel and learning you enjoy discovering new things. With Mercury in the ninth house you are the eternal student. You may have a desire to teach and inspire others with what you have learnt. You may even have relatives that life overseas. Sometimes you may choose a career just because it offers the opportunity to travel.

Mercury in Tenth house
With Mercury in houses ruled by career you are suited to a profession where you can communicate to the public. Your work may involve teaching, writing, printing, selling, administration, or even the transport of goods or people. Mercury in the tenth house wants to seen as an intelligent and capable person. By sharing your knowledge you feel inspired and happy that you are making a contribution to society.

Mercury in Eleventh house
With Mercury in the eleventh house you love to communicate your ideas to others. You obtain a greater awareness of yourself through your friendships and group contacts. Friends and group activities are where you thrive and get more out of your life. A brother or sister may be your best friend or one of your friends is like a brother or sister to you.

Mercury in Twelfth house
With Mercury in the twelfth house creative imagination is very active and broad. You are likely to be very compassionate and attracted to the arts or entertainment. Sometimes you may feel a bit insecure about your mental abilities. Or you may actually help others with problems such as reading, writing and speech therapy. You have psychic abilities. By using your mind and active imagination in a positive manner you can overcome many of the difficulties life throws you from time to time.

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