Uranus in houses
What area of life wants inspiration and freedom?

Uranus in houses one to twelve will show the area of your life where you want to be unique and free. Uranus wants to experience life by trying new or unusual things.

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius but was traditionally ruled by Saturn.

To find out which house Uranus is situated in your chart go to Astro.com and complete the details.

Below are some indications to give you more insight into your own life:-

Uranus in First house
With Uranus in your first house you will not settle for an ordinary life. You are highly inventive and like to work where you can explore your own ideas to develop your own natural innovation. A certain amount of freedom is vital for you so you can get a sense of who you are and what you want do in this life.

Uranus in Second house
With Uranus in houses ruled by finances, possessions and self worth you have you own unique idea of what security means for you. You enjoy money for the freedom it can give you. Having Uranus in the second house you may enjoy doing something innovative, unusual or working with modern technology. Finances tend to be up and down with sudden wins and losses.

Uranus in Third house
With Uranus in the third house you are an intuitive thinker – and will often perceive things in a different way to others. You like to be inventive and original and will often think outside the square. Going with what everyone else thinks is not your style. You love to experience and explore the variety life has to offer. Your relationship with your siblings may be a little unusual. You may have a wide age gap or have step brothers or sisters.

Uranus in Fourth house
With Uranus in the fourth house you need plenty of space and freedom to enjoy your inner sanctuary in your own unique style. There is often something unusual about your home life and/or you may invite groups of different people into your home to discuss ideas etc. Some of your most inspiring ideas can come to you when you are at home in your own setting.

Uranus in Fifth house
With Uranus in houses ruled by joy, children and romance you are usually the one that wants to be doing something unconventional and have fun! Uranus in the fifth house longs for freedom and does not like being bored. Romances often begin or end suddenly. You may not have a strong desire to be a mother as you love to experience freedom. However, if you do decide to have children you will also enjoy having other projects going on to satisfy your creative needs.

Uranus in Sixth house
With Uranus in houses ruled by work and service you are not suited to a boring or regular nine to five job. With Uranus in the sixth house you need to be working in an environment with variety and a certain amount of freedom. Your everyday routine will be easier to handle and more beneficial if you can find a way to suit your own unique style. You may be interested in work involved in complimentary medicine eg naturopath, homeopathy etc. You may also be fond of unusual pets.

Uranus in Seventh house
With Uranus in the seventh house you need a relationship that is exciting, open and honest. You and/or your partner want freedom in your marriage. You are attracted to a partner that is dynamic and perhaps a little unusual or even a bit quirky. You would find it difficult to stay in a relationship that was dull and tedious.

Uranus in Eighth house
With Uranus in the eighth house you may have an interest in the occult, psychology or Astrology. With Uranus in houses ruled by other people’s resources means you may have sudden changes in your financial status through a business or marriage relationship. You may go through a transformation at some stage in your life - usually through a relationship to allow you to grow and develop.

Uranus in Ninth house
With Uranus in the ninth house you want to explore your own philosophy about life and what life means for you. You are interested in learning about unusual, innovative or alternate subjects. Teaching would also be a great career - especially educating others about something new and inspiring, such as teaching Astrology. Sudden events or bizarre events can be experienced when travelling. In-laws could potentially help you discover alternative ideas.

Uranus in Tenth house
With Uranus in houses ruled by career and status you want to use your talents in an original and somewhat unique way. Doing things differently or being innovative in your career is important. You definitely need to have a bit of freedom and choice otherwise you will feel restricted and bored. Uranus in the tenth house wants to make a difference to humanity and will move on to an alternate path if this need is not satisfied.

Uranus in Eleventh house
Having Uranus in the eleventh house you have a desire to connect with others to find a common goal for all of humanity. You enjoy getting together with groups of people of like minds to share your vision with a group. Your goals and objectives may often change suddenly as discover a different vision.

Uranus in Twelfth house
With Uranus in the twelfth house it is through exploring your own inner world that you start to become free to express your own unique values. It is almost as if you really need to take a leap of faith and be prepared to take a few risks to discover your own intuitive path. By discovering your own unconscious purpose you gain a sense of freedom and spiritual fulfillment that alleviates any sense of feeling isolated or lonely.

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