Neptune in houses
Where are your dreams and aspirations?

Neptune in houses one to twelve will show the area of your life that longs to dream and emerge itself so you can escape from any pressures life can sometimes bring. For example a Neptune experience could be described as losing yourself for a while in a romantic movie or book. It is sometimes good to get away and just submerge yourself and be in the moment. Life can be so full and busy. You need to take some time off once in a while to smell the roses. Perhaps that is what Neptune wants you to do every now and then. Take time to dream but remember you also need to plan and take action to achieve your dreams.

Neptune is ruled by Pisces but was traditionally ruled by Jupiter.

To find out which house Neptune is situated in your chart go to the Astrology website and complete the details.

Below are some indications to give you more insight how Neptune affects your own life:-

Neptune in First house
With Neptune in your first house at times you may find yourself mirroring other people because you want them to like you. It can be a struggle to find your own identity and direction in life. People open up to you because they get a sense you understand and genuinely care about them. You have the gift of being able to inspire others. You would make an excellent counselor or healer.

Neptune in Second house
With Neptune in houses ruled by money and self worth you may actually feel a sense of guilt if you have a lot of money. Being able to value your own spiritual connection is important as it helps you gain a sense of fulfillment. It is a good idea to think about what you truly value? You can earn money through things ruled by Neptune for example: poetry, acting, photography, modeling, painting etc.

Neptune in Third house
With Neptune in the third house you may sometimes experience a vague, confused or scattered mind. You have the ability to take on the “big picture” but need to look at things in a selective manner. As your mind can be influenced by other people you need to believe in what is important for and not always what everyone else thinks you should want. If you are shy, then try expressing yourself in other ways such as painting or dancing so you can discover your own path. You would make an excellent teacher – especially teaching others that have learning difficulties as you have plenty of patience and compassion for others.

Neptune in Fourth house
With Neptune in houses ruled by the home and your early environment you tend to mirror the impression of the influences around you. Neptune in the fourth house wants to see their early home life as idealistic remembering all the good times and leaving out anything that was not ideal. You may have had to make sacrifices, perhaps looking after a parent or you may have been in a family that broke up or even moved to another country. Neptune in the fourth house can also mean there was some kind of secrecy in your early home life.

Neptune in Fifth house
With Neptune in houses ruled by creativity, romance and children you have an active imagination. You have the tendency to put your lover on a pedestal or you may fall in love with someone who is not available or right for you. Neptune longs for a romance – Hollywood style. Neptune in the fifth house can indicate some kind of sacrifice especially when it comes to children. Spiritual growth can come from working with children and helping others.

Neptune in Sixth house
With Neptune in houses ruled by work and service you need to work in a job that satisfies your need to emerge yourself in your everyday work. Too many rules and order will drive you crazy. However, you will have more success if you combine your spiritual awareness by finding ways to use your natural talents in ways that are practical and easy for everyone one to benefit from your limitless imagination. Having Neptune in the sixth house, foreign substances in the body can make you extremely sensitive. It would be wise if you can seek either alternative or preventative medicine. Some kind of deceit can happen at work at some stage in your life. A career in healing or some kind of artistic field would suit your spiritual essence.

Neptune in Seventh house
With Neptune in the seventh house you may have unrealistic expectations about what a relationship should look like. Loving yourself first is very important for you as this makes you stronger and stops you from relying too much on a partner in case they let you down. It is also possible that you meet someone that you feel spiritually drawn to. You may often find yourself helping others that are less fortunate than yourself.

Neptune in Eighth house
With Neptune in the eighth house you want to merge with others and experience physical intimacy. This feels like an escape from your everyday world. You are likely to have a very active dream life and will often find guidance through your dreams. Keeping a dream journal would be a fantastic tool to discover more about your self. You may find also be interested in the occult or the supernatural.

Neptune in Ninth house
With Neptune in the ninth house you are interested in merging with a belief system that you can devote yourself and time to. You have a passion for knowledge and may enjoy travelling as a means of escaping. A spiritual connection may also be felt from other countries. With Neptune in the ninth house care should also be taken in selecting what type of belief system you choose to follow.

Neptune in Tenth house
With Neptune in houses ruled by career and status you may find people worship or look up to as some kind of guru. Apart from becoming a movie star, typical Neptune careers include religion, dance, music, art, healing, counseling, photography and fashion. Spiritual growth is very important to you and you will feel unsatisfied if your work is unfulfilling. You need something that inspires and fulfills your spiritual side.

Neptune in Eleventh house
Having Neptune in the eleventh house of friendship, groups as well as hopes and dreams you want to make a difference in the world. You are often looking after people that are less fortunate. Care needs to be taken not to get disillusioned or manipulated by groups or friends. When chasing your dreams you need to make sure your goals are clearly defined and then set practical steps to manifest your goals into your reality.

Neptune in Twelfth house
Having Neptune in houses where it wants to retreat from the world means you would benefit from meditation and may be involved in musical or artistic areas. You have empathy and compassion for others and help them to be inspired. Neptune in the twelfth house needs some time to get away on a spiritual retreat to define and cleanse your body to help with the ups and downs in life.

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