Venus in Houses 1 to 12
What area of life do you love the most?

Venus in houses 1 to 12 will show you where you want and can associate peace, wellbeing and a feeling of contentment. Venus likes to love and be in love as well as valued and appreciated. It is where you display your best self and show consideration for other people.

Venus is ruled by both Taurus and Libra. Taurus likes food, sex and basic needs for comfort and security. In Libra it is full of romantic ideals of love. The house Venus is in will influence any house with Libra or Taurus on the cusp.

To find out which house Venus is situated in your chart go to and complete the details. Below are some indications to give you more insight into your own life as well as how you relate to others:

Venus in First house
With Venus in the first house you want to meet life with open arms. A feeling of self esteem is important to loving and seeing other people more clearly. When you accept yourself you can easily accept other people. If you do not learn to love yourself you may try and manipulate other people to do this for you. People generally see you as an attractive charming person. Do not be someone that waits for things to come to you – help others as well as yourself.

Venus in Second house
With Venus in your second house you have a love for money and security. Primarily because it allows you to purchase all those things you find beautiful and meaningful. You can earn money through careers like modeling, beauty products and basically industries involved in making things look more appealing.

Venus in Third house
With Venus the third house you have the ability to communicate in an easy non-threatening manner. You are sensitive to the needs of other people and will often find people open up to you as they sense you are a loving and kind person. Possibility of being close to your siblings or benefit from them in some way.

Venus in Fourth house
With Venus in houses linked to childhood you desire peace, beauty and harmony in your surroundings.  Enjoying domestic things like cooking, gardening and decorating will be appealing. One of your interests may also be exploring the family tree.

Venus in Fifth house
With the Venus in houses ruled by creativity you are fond of expressing yourself in a creative or artistic manner. Romance and love is one of your key priorities. Hobbies, art galleries, cinema, theatre or anything where you can play and have fun brings you fulfilment.  Playing and expressing your love and joy with children may also be important in your life.

Venus in Sixth house
Venus in the sixth house likes to do a job well and do it beautifully.  You often enjoy serving others and getting involved in everyday routines.  You can also be passionate about your health, beauty and fitness. You may actually enjoy doing the housework.  You love working in a happy environment and may even fall in love with someone from work. Some of you gain a lot of joy from pets.

Venus in Seventh house
With Venus in houses ruled by partnership you feel satisfied and happy when you are involved in a relationship. You are loyal and faithful in personal relationships and have a tendency to marry early in life. You also have a gift for being compassionate with others and would make an excellent counselor.

Venus in Eighth house
With Venus in the eighth house you care about what happens to other people.  You like things to be beautiful, positive, and useful.  This is a good position for business partnerships and for gaining money and possessions through marriage or an inheritance.

Venus in Ninth house
With Venus in the ninth house you love travel, adventure and learning. You may even marry someone from overseas or met them whilst travelling. You are a good communicator and would make an excellent teacher. You can gain a great deal of happiness by exploring philosophical issues.

Venus in Tenth house
Venus in the tenth house wants to look good in public – you are not the type to leave the house looking scruffy. You want to be noticed and recognized for your beauty, grace and style. A career providing the opportunity to beautify would appeal to your nature.  You want to be in a career you find enjoyable.

Venus in Eleventh house
With your Venus in the eleventh house you enjoy social and cultural events. You like to mix with friends and enjoy group involvement. You also have the ability to turn your goals and dreams into realities. It is also possible that one of your friendships turns into a romance or you are introduced to someone by one of your friends. It is in your best interest to network – you enjoy meeting people and can also help others along the way to achieve their dreams.

Venus in Twelfth house
With Venus in houses like the twelfth where it often makes sacrifices for love your motto is “to love everything”.  Having Venus in the twelfth you accept people others may not understand. Sometimes you fall in love with a person that is not available or for some reason the connection has to be hidden. You are a very compassionate person and you enjoy helping others that are less fortunate. You often work behind the scenes in some sort of creative capacity like putting on a movie star’s make up or designing sets or costumes.

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