Moon in Houses 1 to 12
What are you emotional needs?

The Moon in houses one to twelve describes where you are sensitive and responsive to the needs and influences of other people. We are shaped by habits and past conditioning. We can play “mother” and look for security and nurturing – either ourselves or others.

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Moon in First house
With the Moon in your first house you have a great urge to care for other people. You want to protect yourself and your loved ones. Once you feel secure in yourself you can open up and be more expressive. You have an acute sense of awareness allowing you to instinctively know what to do in certain situations. It is difficult for people to pull the wool over your eyes.

Moon in Second house
With the Moon in houses ruled by finances and security - you may go through periods of peaks and troughs in your financial situation.  Dealing with any issues around your self worth will need to be addressed to strengthen your confidence. You may find yourself interested in sentimental objects inherited from your family or connected to key people or circumstances in your life. You may have a love for antiques or things from the past.  Money may also be earned through serving the public needs, child care, housing and real estate or even working at sea. You often know instinctively what others need.

Moon in Third house
With the Moon in your third house your have the ability to feel what others are thinking. Your have an overriding need to communicate. It would be beneficial for you to keep in touch with others through your conversation. You may also enjoy reading or even writing bedtime stories for children. You may receive comfort and security through a sibling or a relative.  In some cases you may actually be mother to others around you or your own mother was like an older sister rather than parent.

Moon in Fourth house
With the Moon in houses where security is very important this is a very powerful position. Your home is like your castle where you go to retreat, relax and feel safe. You enjoy creating a beautiful home and will put time and energy into putting in your personal touches.

Moon in Fifth house
With the Moon in your fifth house you have a strong urge to have children. Being a parent can give you great happiness. You especially enjoy hobbies, romance and creative activities. You may also have an artistic talent and an active imagination.  It is important for you to find the time to experience joy in your life.

Moon in Sixth house
With the Moon in your sixth house you have an interest in health and dietary matters. You find security and comfort attending to your daily routine. Your daily ritual gives you a sense of security. You also want to feel emotionally engaged in your work. You would be suited to a job where you can nurture others.  You have a knack for fulfilling the emotional needs of other people. Having a pet to love and look after could also help your psychological and physical health.

Moon in Seventh house
With the Moon in your seventh house you have a gift for dealing with the public. You can understand what others are feeling and have genuine empathy. You need to make sure you are not too sensitive and end up being over adaptive to the needs of your partner. You may  be looking for someone to mother you or you may play the role of mother with your partner.

Moon in Eighth house
With the Moon in houses destined for change to transform yourself and/or others it is a very deep house. You may possess strong psychic abilities.  Having the moon in the eighth house you may also have a talent for predicting economic and business trends. Taking care of money for other people.  You also have a gift for nurturing and transforming people in times of suffering or crisis.

Moon in Ninth house
With the Moon in the ninth house you will find travel, study or philosophy is important. You may even live in a foreign country for periods of your life. Travel is connected to your emotional wellbeing. Travel, adventure and dreaming of philosophical pursuits could also be used as vehicle for escaping from unhappy situations.

Moon in Tenth house
With the Moon in your tenth house you are extremely sensitive about your reputation and being in front of the public. You care what other people think. A career where you mother or cater to other people may appeal suit you. Care should be taken to make sure you do not neglect your personal life in order to chase your professional dreams.

Moon in Eleventh house
With the Moon in your Eleventh house you love to shine in the company of your friends. You gain a sense of belonging through friends, groups and committees. You may mother your friends.  You may also still have friends around you from your childhood days. You may find being involved in groups and social activities is a way of relaxing and unwinding.  Playing mother in the group or opening up your home as a meeting place.

Moon in Twelfth house
With the Moon in houses like the twelfth house you may be a bit shy and emotional. Showing genuine concern for others.  This trait can also be reflected in the career you choose, which may involve helping others.  A strong need to withdraw and spend some time alone. A spiritual retreat from time to time is ideal for you so you can recharge your batteries. You probably experience a very active dream life.   Perhaps there is a tendency to hide your emotions and exude an air of mystery. In some cases you have secret love affairs which are kept hidden for various reasons.

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