Mars in houses 1 to 12
Where do you put your energy?

Astrology shows how Mars in houses is associated with energy, courage, assertiveness, aggression and initiative. Mars shows where you need to attack life, take risks and be more daring. Being independent as well as showing courage when needed. Mars is also associated with violence, wars, aggression and power.

Mars is ruled by Aries and Scorpio (modern ruler for Scorpio is Pluto).

To find out which house Mars is situated in your chart go to and complete the details.

Below are some indications to give you more insight into your own life:-

Mars in First house
With Mars in houses, like the first house shows how we meet life face-to-face.   You are not afraid to express your authenticity. With Mars in the first house you meet life with courage and honesty. Having a lot of strength and stamina you can also be fiercely independent. Be careful of being too impatient and impulsive as this can cause you to be accident prone. You would benefit by setting time aside to help calm you down, try meditation, yoga or tai-chi to channel your energy in a positive directed way.

Mars in Second house
With Mars in the second house you have the courage and initiative to excel in work where these qualities are required. You will defend and fight for what you value. Money and possessions help you to feel more confident and in control. You need to take care you do not take unnecessary risks with money.  Its good to be assertive but not demanding.

Mars in Third house
With Mars in the third house communication is key.  You need to assert yourself to affirm your power and vitality. It is better for you to say what you are feeling rather than bottle it up for too long. You may also benefit by writing down your thoughts and feelings, try writing a letter then tearing it up to release any unresolved anger.

Mars in Fourth house
With Mars in the fourth house you feel energised and alive within your home. You may enjoy things like gardening and home decorating. Working from home is another possibility for you. The second half of life is often easier as you are not as restricted and can spend some time pondering on what you really want to do with your life.

Mars in Fifth house
With the Mars in houses ruled by creativity and fun like you want to come out and play. You want to do something with all your heart. You are good at competitive sport and even enjoy the game of love and romance. You may be enthusiastic to have children prefer to play with them rather than take part in the daily routine like making lunches, cleaning up after them and driving them around town to all their different sporting lessens or events.

Mars in Sixth house
With Mars in the sixth house you will put a lot of energy into making sure your body is well cared for and maintained. You recognize the body as a vehicle where you can express and prove your power by keeping in good shape. You also enjoy making sure your life is running as self sufficient as possible. Fighting for workers rights and even supporting animal welfare are areas where Mars in the sixth house can be of service and make a difference.

Mars in Seventh house
With Mars in the seventh house you want to define your identity, and power through your relationships with other people. `Care should be taken not to rush into marriage. You are likely to be the first to stand up and defend another person if you feel they are being treated unfairly.

Mars in Eighth house
With Mars in the eighth house you will often benefit from joint ventures.  You are willing to give as well as receive.  You may also have an interest in the occult.  You have the ability to transform yourself and others.

Mars in Ninth house
Having Mars in houses dealing with religion and beliefs you stand strong on your version of the truth. Travelling at the spur of the moment is something you find exciting. You may also be attracted to foreign people. Higher education, writing, teaching and publishing are all areas that may appeal to your thirst for knowledge.

Mars in Tenth house
With Mars in houses where ambition it important - this is a very strong position for career. You have a need to be seen by the public as powerful and strong. Being known as someone doing something worthwhile and significant is important to you. You also need to be working in an area where you can use and develop your leadership skills.

Mars in Eleventh house
With your Mars in the eleventh house you enjoy the company of your friends. Groups and organizations provide an outlet where your energy and assertiveness skills can be used to benefit others. You have a knack for getting a group to take action. Try not to be too bossy or you could end up turning friends into enemies.

Mars in Twelfth house
With Mars in the twelfth house would benefit from expressing yourself through meditation and spiritual matters.  Sometimes you feel like you can never do enough and can find it difficult to unburden problems. You would benefit by writing down your dreams or keeping a journal to gain more insight into what you want, stand up for yourself and ultimately go and get what you really want. With your sympathetic nature you are often found working in hospitals, charities and institutions. Remember, you have the capacity to reinvent yourself and the courage to fight for your interests when necessary.

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