Pluto in houses
What area are you controlling?

Pluto in houses one to twelve will show the area of your life you want to transform and grow. It also shows where you want control and can be too obsessive.

Pluto is ruled by Scorpio but was traditionally ruled by Mars.

To find out which house Pluto is situated in your chart go to the Astrology website and complete the details.

Below are some indications to give you more insight into how Pluto affects certain areas of your life:-

Pluto in First house
With Pluto in your first house you have the ability to transform yourself as well as influencing others by your strength and power. When people meet you they feel you are rather intense and powerful. You are known for your secrecy as you do not like telling others everything about yourself. You have a great deal of endurance and can dedicate yourself to work long hours on projects.

Pluto in Second house
With Pluto in houses ruled by finances, possessions and self worth you have a strong desire to accumulate money so you can feel secure in yourself. Money means power to you and wealth and status can be important – especially in you early working life. With Pluto in the second house you have the ability to transform things and make them more valuable. You may earn money through such things as: medical research, renovating, police detective etc.

Pluto in Third house
With Pluto in the third house you have a very powerful intense mind. Your early environment may have been rather intense and complex. Your relationship with your siblings may be challenging. Knowledge means power for you and your thirst for knowledge is something that drives you.

Pluto in Fourth house
With Pluto in the fourth house your may have some unresolved issues from your childhood. You may have experienced problems with one of your parents and any issues ought to be dealt with and resolved. You have amazing abilities to re-build yourself with your powerful survival instincts especially in times of crisis. You have a love for nature and the earth and may be interested in exploring archaeology, deep-sea diving or psychology.

Pluto in Fifth house
With Pluto in houses ruled by joy, children and romance you can be rather intense when it comes to your creative side. If you have children you may find they transform your life in some way. Care must be taken not to control or dominate children too much. As far as romance goes you there may be times when your love life will be entangled by power or you may experience rather intense passionate times.

Pluto in Sixth house
With Pluto in houses ruled by work and service just keeping the house clean and tidy can be a bit effort for you to accomplish. You may be a little compulsive about rituals. Relationships with your co-workers may be difficult and can lead to power struggles coming from either side. It is important for you to be passionate about your work but not so intense that you unintentionally hurt some else by your extra high expectations. You may work in areas such as medical research, mining, police (detective) or psychology.

Pluto in Seventh house
With Pluto in the seventh house you can attract intense partners. You would make an excellent lawyer or counselor. You may attract partners that want to control or have power over in some way. You also have the ability to help others through painful times in their lives.

Pluto in Eighth house
With Pluto in the eighth house you may want to delve into parts of yourself that others would consider taboo. You may be interested in reincarnation, life and death – what does it all mean and why are we here? You want to go deep and discover what life is really all about. In your relationships you may experience a clash of power struggles as either you or a partner wants control and power.

Pluto in Ninth house
With Pluto in the ninth house you have a deep urge to learn and explore knowledge so you can have a sense of control and power. Travel can be an area where you transform, grow and learn about life. You can be rather obsessive about your spiritual life and are searching for something deep and meaningful. Higher education is important and you attend classes or teach others.

Pluto in Tenth house
With Pluto in houses ruled by career and status it is important for you to be in a career that for feel is meaningful. You may work in areas such as: medicine, mining, private detective, psychic and occult work. As the tenth house represents Mother or Father your early experiences of a parent could be linked with power struggles or some kind of difficulty.

Pluto in Eleventh house
With Pluto in houses ruled by friends, groups and hopes and wishes you may be attracted to people interested in human rights or looking at ways to transform the way society is structured. Your friendships can last for many years and go through periods of crisis whilst some may have difficulties with power and control. By remaining positive and looking at what is working in your life you can achieve your aspirations.

Pluto in Twelfth house
With Pluto in the twelfth house you are likely to be interested in psychology and the occult as they help you clarify the energies you perceive. Meditation is a great way for you to clear away any negative thoughts and influences. You are good at learning from failure and can understand the reason one cycle or phases ends so another can begin.

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