Transiting Moon in Pisces
Time to retreat and create a vision

With the transiting moon in Pisces it’s time for going within.  Give yourself some space.  Meditation and spiritual disciplines support the energy of this moon. Schedule small breaks in your busy day to retreat - even if it's just for a few minutes. Energy may be a low so relaxation is key to re-energise your soul.  Light a candle and enjoy the moment.

Stop and listen to your body. Fantastic time to practice yoga or some breathing exercises.  Tune into your inner emotions and any flashes of insight.  Spend some time alone.  Intuition is strong now.  Synchronicity or coincidences are key themes.

Creative imagination works well with this Piscean moon. Your psychic powers are stronger.   Keep pen and paper next to your bed to capture any messages you might get from your dreams.  Create a vision for your future so you can act on any insights.  Write poetry or read books to inspire your passion. 

Movies or books with exaggerated ‘make believe’ themes are an excellent way to escape  and capture your imagination.  Reflecting and journal writing helps you gain clarity.  Great time to escape by taking a mini-break to rest and rejuvenate.  

People tend to be more compassionate as the moon transits Pisces. If you need  help and support - now is the ideal time to reach out to others.   Alternatively, if you can offer this to others it will be greatly appreciated.  Where you can you volunteer your services and give back to the community?

Go to to check the astrology zone mystical Pisces is triggering in your own chart.  This can help you gain more insight to reflect and make any necessary adjustments in your own life.

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