Transiting Moon in Cancer
How is your Homelife?

With the transiting moon in Cancer she feels right at home.  Being in the sign ruled by the moon - this is the strongest position of all the lunar transits.  The spotlight is on your domestic life.  Ideal time for contacting loved ones – especially parents and the elderly.

Great excuse to stay home and soak up the ambiance in your own space.  Whether its sleeping in; relaxing by the fire; reading or watching television.  Spending time at home with the family or on your own will feel relaxing and help energise your body.   

Introduce some positive energy into the home and/or garden.  Rearrange the furniture or de-cluttering your home if necessary.  Find ways of generating an ambiance to inspire and enrich your soul in your domestic domain.  Light some candles - take a bath and relax.

Whether its a picnic or a gathering for lunch or dinner to celebrate with family or close friends.  You could not pick a better time to schedule these around the cancer moon.  A dinner party will be lots of fun now!

Take care with your emotions.  It is sensible to stay well balanced and not to make a big deal over annoying domestic issues.  You may also feel like shielding yourself - like the shell of the crab.

People are generally more emotional now and will welcome thoughtful acts of kindness. A sentimental time, old songs and movies are appreciated.

Have a look at the Astrology zone being activated in your chart to see what area is being energised by wonderful Cancer moon transit.  

Yes, this is one of best times of the month.   The moon is happy in her own sign - endeavour to take advantage of this wonderful magic time of the month.

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