Transiting Moon in Scorpio
How deep can you get?

With the transiting moon in Scorpio your mind is ready for intense concentration.  It’s a good time to delve into complicated matters.   You have the patience to dig deeper and resolve any outstanding issues.

Secrets are linked with a transiting Scorpio moon - detective work is supported and investigations may reveal top secret information.  Keep an eye on the news!  A mystery thriller movie or novel may be of interest.

Good time to tackle tasks demanding deep concentration or a clear focused mind.  Schedule those hard to do "things" around the transiting Scorpio moon so you can finally complete them.  Ideal time to clean the oven.

Purge!  What you can let go of now?  Get rid of any unnecessary baggage – lighten up your load.  Recycle and discard anything you no longer need, use or love.  De-clutter to make room for new energy to embrace your life.

The Scorpio moon is all about change and transformation.  Think about what areas of your life could do with some re-vamping?  Healing on a deep level such as re-birthing is favoured now as buried issues can be unlocked and healed. Fantastic time to get in touch with your inner being.  Great time to do some journal writing or any other reflective therapy. 

Set some priorities.  Clear your life of any meaningless stuff or commitments!  Focus on the important things in life.

Wear something featuring black, crimson or gold to catch the vibration of the Scorpio moon.

Explore ways to enhance the intense energy of transiting Scorpio moon.  Where can you transform and re-invent yourself?  Go to and type in your birth details to check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart.

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