Transiting Moon in Virgo
Time to get sorted

Transiting Moon in Virgo - streamline your daily routine

With the transiting moon in Virgo it’s time to focus on your health and everyday routine. This is an ideal moon to review your diet and make any necessary changes or improvements. Whether you need to give up smoking or cut down your alcohol intake. Get started on forming new daily positive habits, even if it's just a walk around the block.

Visit the doctor for a health check-up to see if you need to make any necessary changes. Explore ways of implementing a healthy lifestyle into your everyday routine. Make sure you have a good balance between exercise, nutritious food and adequate sleep.

Communication is important and writing flows easier as your mind is clear. Virgo also rules being of service, think about where you can support and help out other people? Could you benefit from some coaching or mentoring? Alternatively, you may be in a position where you could help others with your expertise and pass on your valuable knowledge.

Transform chaos into order – implement systems to get paperwork under control. Overdue tasks are easier to finish with the Virgo moon’s support. Tackle those jobs requiring lots of attention to detail - you'll find it easier to spot any potential mistakes.

Time spent preparing and de-cluttering living spaces helps to relieve stress. Reduce the amount of excessive stuff you bring into your life. With a streamlined and efficient process you’ll have more time to concentrate on important matters. Throw out or give away items no longer being used or as Marie Kondo would say does this item give me joy? If the answer is no - bless it and release it from your home.

Don't put it down - put it away. This simple routine keeps every space looking fresh and tidy. Visual clarity helps clear your mind allowing you to focus on your key goals. Make sure you have a dedicated home for all your belongings.  If you don’t, assign one as this speeds up the tidying up process in the future.

Find ways to embrace the positive energy of this Virgo moon transit.  Go to and type in your birth details to check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart.  Where can you focus and create order?

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