Transiting Moon in Libra
How are your Relationships?

With the transiting moon in Libra people tend to be more charming and diplomatic. Entertaining, relationships and beauty are supported by this moon.  Libra, being ruled by Venus wants to make a good impression.

If you need to have an awkward discussion - consider scheduling around the Libran moon transit when the outcome is more likely to be a win/win situation.  It's all about being fair.  Look for ways you can help to balance the scales. 

Great time to glam up a bit and socialize. The transiting Libra moon supports relationship(s) and spending time with your significant other.  Plan an intimate outing together.

If single, make an effort to do something you find interesting and involves other people.  You may end up meeting someone you like a lot and share common interests.  Explore ways to increase your chances of attracting a new relationship by expanding your social network.

Anything to do with beauty is assisted when the moon transits Libra - great time to go shopping.  Pick an outfit which matches your style and has you feeling and looking your best.  With a price you can easily afford – or at least think you can.  Indulge - have a manicure, get your eyebrows waxed or re-shaped. Enhancing your appearance will be a worthwhile investment.    

Ballroom dancing, cocktail or dinner parties capture the energy of the Libran moon.  Or you may prefer a visit to the art gallery, theatre or perhaps reading a romantic novel. Find ways to embrace the loving energy of the Libra transiting moon.

Spruce up your surroundings.  Tidy the house and introduce some romantic energy.   Light some candles to capture the ambiance of the moons energy.

Check out the Astrology zone being activated in your chart at to see what area is being energised by this Libra moon transit. 

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