Transiting Moon in Aquarius
Time for Group Networking

Transiting moon in Aquarius - Authenticity is key

With the transiting moon in Aquarius people want to connect in groups where they share common interests. Social gatherings, networking as well as community and charitable events support the Aquarian moon. Set aside this time by spending it with like minded people. Don’t be afraid to do something different or unusual. Stay authentic and true to your own values.

Time to experiment and think outside the square. Listen to the voice inside you and tap into your true inner nature or calling. Try not to worrying about what others think. This is the time to find ways to shine in your own unique way. It’s also an ideal time to explore ways where you can experience more freedom in your life.

Concentrating on one thing can be difficult as you want to gather every piece of available information. Brainstorming in groups is an excellent way to get the most out of this moon. Capturing inspiring and stimulating ideas can be lots of fun in this Aquarius moon. There is a free-spirited energy so don’t expect approval from everyone as you express your own individuality.

Don’t forget - if you do have meetings scheduled around this time you can expect them to go longer than planned. People tend to want to keep talking and stay connected. It can be worthwhile to try and keep your schedule flexible and accommodating during this moon transit so you can be prepared in case meetings go overtime.

Science fiction movies or novels are excellent ways of embracing the Aquarian energy. Good time to improve your skills with the latest technology especially things like social networking or buying electronic equipment. Consider dedicating some time in researching the latest electronic devices.  What tools would help you connect with others more efficiently?

This moon supports studying Astrology too.  By discovering more about yourself you can gain a lot of insight into how to move forward in your life as well as how you can help others which is a very Aquarian thing to do.

Look for opportunities to connect with groups and friends during the Aquarian moon transit.   Go to and type in your birth details to check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart.  Where is your tribe? 

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