Transiting Moon in Aries
Now is the time for some action!

With the transiting moon in Aries it's time to do something adventurous and take action.  Embrace challenges and explore ways to ignite courage and a pioneering spirit.

Transiting Moon in Aries - Just Do It!

The Aries moon also supports starting new projects requiring short bursts of energy. Movement is important and routine is best avoided now - so perhaps consider doing those life administration tasks when the moon is transiting another sign like Virgo or Taurus perhaps?

Impatience rules and people will be less tolerant and in a rush expecting to have their needs met straight away. By having this awareness upfront you can ensure you are not being too impatient or short with others yourself. If possible, give others what they require as soon as possible to keep the peace. Don’t be surprised to find people being frustrated if they have to wait in line at the supermarket for example.

Action movies and sporting events are some of the things to consider when the moon transits Aries.  Use this time to get outdoors or at least take a brisk walk to let go of any excess energy.  Consider starting an exercise program. Also, if you need to shift any excessive weight this would be an ideal time to step up your pace.

This is also a great moon to look at any areas of your life where you may lack courage.  Plan this time to start implementing positive changes into your life and deal with any negative insecurity. Don’t be afraid to practice your assertiveness skills if necessary especially if you are usually a bit timid. A warning though – if you are prone to being too aggressive you may need to tone it down a bit.

As you about your day make it a point to step back and observe the immediate environment around you.  It is fun to watch the behaviour of others and see the Aries moon energy being expressed.

Explore ways to embrace the pioneering energy of Aries.  Where can you initiate ideas and or take charge and be a leader?  Go to and type in your birth details to check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart. 

Try wearing something red is to capture the full energy of this magical Transiting Aries moon.

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