Transiting Moon in Aries
Now is the time for some action!

With the transiting moon in Aries people will be feeling more adventurous and ready to take action, accept challenges and take more risks.

Impatience rules – people seem to be in a hurry and want everything now. Try and be aware of this and ensure you are not being too impatient yourself. If possible, give others what they require as soon as possible to keep some peace in your life. Don't be surprised to find people don't have the willingness to wait in line.   Customers want to be attended to quickly and are more inclined to show their anger now. However, they will also quickly apologise when they realise they are being a bit pushy.      

Action movies and sporting events are some of the things to consider when the moon transits Aries. This is also a good time to begin tasks requiring lots of energy. Use this time to get outdoors and at least take a brisk walk to let go of any excess energy. Consider starting an exercise program.  If you need to shift any excessive weight - this is the time of the month to step up your pace.  

This is also be an excellent time to look at any areas of your life you may lack courage. Plan this time to start implementing positive changes into your life and deal with any negative insecurities you may feel about yourself.  

Routine is best avoided now - save this for when the moon is in another sign like Virgo.

Explore ways to embrace the pioneering energy of Aries.  Where can you initiate ideas and or take charge and be a leader?  Go to and type in your birth details to check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart. 

Try wearing something red is to capture the full energy of this magical Transiting Aries moon.

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