Transiting Moon in Capricorn
What are your career ambitions?

Transiting moon in Capricorn - climb that mountain!

With the transiting moon in Capricorn ambition is high. Sharpening your public image could prove a worthwhile experience now. This moon provides the strength of mind and willpower necessary to get your career moving. Write a business plan with a long term sustainable vision. Research and check to see if there are any opportunities in the market place that invoke your interest.

The moon in Capricorn helps to clarify your professional goals. Anything to do with responsibility and purpose is in tune with the natural energy of this moon. One step at a time should be your mantra when situations appear over whelming. A solid effort can bring you success in the long term and patience can help achieve your ambitions.

A corporate theme exists and/or dealing with large companies or government institutions may be a key highlight. This is also a great time to schedule business meetings to achieve long term results. People tend to be more reliable during the Capricorn transiting moon. If you need assistance - seek out a mentor or someone with more experience than you to help implement practical steps to reach your objectives.

Consider a trip to the library or museum. Read or do research on the history of famous people or leaders you admire for some encouragement. Visiting antique stores can also be productive as you may find something valuable or special that captures your eye. Alternatively, shop at your local market and support your local business community.

Concentrate on getting things done and doing them properly and efficiently. This is not an ideal time for emotional confrontations. Save these for another moon cycle. People will tend to have their business hats on now as they are more likely dealing with serious matters.

This is also an ideal moon transit to stop any procrastination and instead schedule difficult tasks you need to start or finally finish. The added support of the mountain goat energy helps to reinforce the staying power required to follow through on challenging or hard tasks.

Look for opportunities to clarify your vocation.   Go to and type in your birth details to check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart. See where you have the determination to climb to the mountain top. 

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