Transiting Moon in Leo
Time for some fun

With the transiting moon in Leo it’s time to treat yourself with some fun and put some joy in your life. Indulge in whatever creative pursuits take your fancy. This is one of the perfect times to play with children as well as getting in touch with your own inner child.

Find your playful self and dare to be bold - have some fun with the Leo moon!   Or simply relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  Great time to mix with inspiring and empowering people to motivate your senses.  Let your creative side emerge. 

Romance is supported and love affairs beginning now have a better chance of getting stronger.  If you are in a committed relationship - spend quality time together to keep the passion alive.

Dramatic plays portraying lives of famous people or reading biographies of adventurous or famous people are appealing during this moon transit.

A fine time to strut yourself on the dance floor and shine. Share your creative expression in wider circles.  The Leo moon encourages spending time mixing with younger people for new and fresh ideas. 

You can get away wearing more flamboyant clothes.    However, take care when shopping as your taste could be a little off – so you may regret your purchases.  Whilst for some people be on the lookout for arrogance, or over confidence.  Nonetheless, if you have problems with being too timid - use the energy of the brave lion to work on your assertiveness skills.

Explore ways to embrace the regal energy of Leo.  Where can you take bold action and shine?  Go to and type in your birth details to check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart.

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