Transiting Moon in Sagittarius
What is your Philosophy?

With the transiting moon in Sagittarius thoughts change to travel, philosophy, sport and your spiritual beliefs.  Seize opportunities - you need to act if you want things to change.  Break your routines and look for fresh inspiring ideas. 

This is a perfect time to have some fun, mingle and be more social.  Connect with people from different cultures to broaden your perspective. This is no time to keep secrets. What you see is what you get. There is not much diplomacy when the moon transits Sagittarius, so try not to take people too seriously – let it go.

It is an ideal time to attend sporting events or read adventure books. Travelling and learning about different cultures also supports the energy of the Sagittarian moon.  Simple adventures such as day trips help to get out of your comfort zone.  Take a chance and do something inspiring.

Studying or travelling can help you find more meaning and purpose in your life now.  Visit new places or consider learning something different if you are feeling bored.  Broaden your horizons for a fresh perspective. Mental stimulation is important during a Sagittarian moon transit. 

Consider outdoor activities.  Perhaps a trip to the races?  You may be luckier than usual – as long as you don’t gamble more than you are willing to lose.  The Sagittarius moon also supports teaching or writing about your experiences.

Whatever you decide if it has something to do with discovering your own philosophy on life you'll benefit from this moon cycle.

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