Transiting Moon in Gemini
Got the urge to communicate?

With the transiting moon in Gemini communication intensifies. Mental effort is easier. You have the capability to amaze yourself as well as your friends how much you can achieve (mentally) throughout this period.

Short and spur-of-the-moment trips and connecting with your local community are some of the main attractions. This is also an excellent time to catch up with siblings and close relatives.

In general a busy time with lots of networking and exchanging ideas. Be prepared for additional communication through phone calls, emails, letters or however you normally connect with others. People want to have a good chat during the Gemini moon cycle. Be prepared, with a few lines if you need to end some conversations. I have noticed this is always a busy time on the phones at work.   People living on their own want to be heard and are more likely to reach out to others.

Computers, transport, writing and electronic gadgets are supported in this period. For example, if you are contemplating buying a new car or computer, plan on making these types of purchases during this moon for added support. It is also an ideal time to get familiar with new systems - or work on things requiring good clear mental energy.

Parties for children will be easier during this moon.  Explore ways to find lots of different things to keep them occupied. It would be an excellent time to learn whilst they are having fun.  Consider things such as: puzzles, spelling or maths games - basically anything that gets their minds stimulated in positive ways.

Check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart to see where you can energise the youthful spirit of the transiting Gemini moon.  

You may feel like you are running around in circles but if you keep going you are bound to discover something to ignite your curiosity.

Try wearing yellow if you want to stimulate bright conversation during this active time.

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