Transiting Moon in Gemini
Got the urge to communicate?

With the transiting moon in Gemini communication intensifies. All forms of media now take centre stage.

Transiting Moon in Gemini - let's get curious!

Mental effort is a lot easier. There is a youthful vibe where fresh ideas can emerge. Get curious about what new adventures you may want to explore. You have the supporting energy to surprise yourself with how much you can achieve when you expand your mind with what’s possible during this transiting moon.

Short, fun and or spur-of-the-moment trips or connecting with your local community are just some examples of using this inquisitive Gemini Moon. Good time to connect with your neighbours. This is also an excellent time to catch up with siblings and close relatives.

In general a busy time with lots of networking and exchanging ideas. Be prepared for additional communication through social media, phone calls, emails, letters or however you normally connect with others.

People want to talk more during the Gemini moon cycle.  You may also find people want to have a chat or gossip for extended periods. It may be worthwhile having a few lines prepared if you find yourself needing to end some conversations. There are lots of people living on their own and they are more likely to reach out to others for some form of connection.

Computers, transport, writing and electronic gadgets are supported in this period. If you are contemplating buying a new car, computer or mobile phone - plan on making these types of purchases during this moon for added support. It’s also great time to tackle those tasks that require a lot of mental energy.

Aim to be flexible and open up to possibilities.  The energy is youthful but it doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Stay alert for interesting ideas and have fun with exploring your imagination.  Good for brainstorming – no need for concrete plans at this stage just have fun and see where it takes you.

Parties for children will be easier during this moon. Explore ways to find lots of different things to keep them occupied. It would be an excellent time to learn whilst they are having fun. Consider things such as: puzzles, spelling or mathematical games - basically anything that gets their minds stimulated in positive ways.

This transiting Gemini moon encourages inquisitiveness and curiosity as well as mixing with people with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Check the Astrology zone being activated in your chart to see where you can energise the youthful spirit of the transiting Gemini moon.  

You may feel like you are running around in circles but if you keep going you are bound to discover something to ignite your curiosity.

Try wearing yellow if you want to stimulate bright conversation during this active time.

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