Uranus House Transit
Are you ready for change?

Experiencing a Uranus House Transit will ignite an area of your life you will want to experience freedom and express your own individuality.

I have described some possibilities you may experience as Uranus transits through one of your Astrology houses. Uranus spends about seven years in a particular house allowing you time to express and feel the energy and perhaps daring to do something different.

Do not be surprised to find you are faced with unusual, sudden, unexpected or unpredictable events. Uranus want you to try new things and perhaps change things that are not working. This is the time to let go and go with the flow if needed. Be open to fresh ideas after all this is what Uranus is trying to teach us.

First House
With a Uranus house transit in your first house you get the chance to make yourself known to the outside world. You get the chance to emerge from your shell and express your true needs. Old structures and limitations are no longer acceptable. You will want to break free from things that had previously been important. Now is the time to review where you are heading. Are you on the right track? Freedom will be important for you, however ensure you have weighed up the pros and cons before making big changes. It is a good time to explore things like Astrology, yoga, meditation, etc.

A new awareness opens up for you now as new tools become available. Review what aspects of your life are limiting your scope of action and experience. Some things need to change and now could be the perfect time to put into action your new plans.

Second House
With a Uranus house transit in your second house security issues like self worth money and possessions are likely to experience some changes. Flexibility may be called upon as values you used to consider important now come under review. You may find you encounter sudden windfalls and sometimes sudden losses. You may also change what you do for a living and switch to something that is more exciting and inspiring. You may even make your living with things ruled by Uranus eg science, technology, astrology, occult etc. Material resources may change significantly and you relationship to them will also be changed. Although the changes may be upsetting they will ultimately be positive so keep open to new opportunities when they appear.

Third House
With a Uranus house transit through your third house everyday encounters with neighbours, relatives, friends and routine activities are likely to be more unpredictable. You may also experience change in your mental thoughts causing you to look at life differently allowing you to make some positive changes. Your old habits start to change as you become more flexible in your thinking. You may begin to learn about technology, new age, astrology etc. Your daily routine is likely to increase and communication will be more important and lively now. Basically your everyday world will look more exciting but you will need to be flexible so you can enjoy the benefits and be willing to let go when needed.

Fourth House
As you experience a Uranus house transit in your fourth house changes in your domestic life are highly likely. You may move house and at the same time feel a sense of freedom from the past. Breaking free of old habits and domestic routines that may have enslaved you are now a thing of the past. You will make changes in your living situation if it is not what you want. Deep changes are also occurring in your unconscious mind allowing you to take initiative and think independently expressing yourself where you can feel at home in your own environment.

Fifth House
With a Uranus house transit in your fifth house you want life to feel more exciting. You will want to experience new things and are more open to experiment with life. You may attract unusual romantic partners during this transit, perhaps an age difference or someone from a different culture. Relationships will be a bit unconventional and you will not be able to stay in a relationship unless you feel you have a bit of freedom. Relationships that are right for you should not break down but may go through some changes to make it more exciting. Relationships will tend to be more exciting than stable.

The fifth house also rules children so they may require more attention as they go through their own changes perhaps acting rebellious or difficult.

Creativity will be more innovative and new techniques should be explored now as you are more open to doing things differently. You get a chance to redefine your life and discover a new type of understanding.

Sixth House
With a Uranus house transit through your sixth house you will want more excitement in your daily routine and working life. You want to be free from the demand others put upon your time. You may change your job or changes may occur with your job allowing you more freedom. You may also find you work more with computers or other electronic gadgets and new systems. Take care with your health by ensuring you are eating well and getting regular exercise.

Seventh House
With a Uranus house transit in your seventh house close relationships are set to undergo some changes. Change may now be needed if the relationship is going to last. Some business relationships and marriages may end now as you both realise you may have stayed together only because of finances or children etc. Any relationship that is worth keeping may just need a few changes to survive this transit. A new relationship may feel appealing now as you want to experiment and escape from the daily mundane part of life. However, it might be wise to wait to see if new relationships can stand the test of time before making a long term commitment.

Eighth House
With Uranus transiting your eighth house restrictions will become intolerable. Suddenly you may find your old life ending. In some extreme cases someone may die that was close to you. A new life needs to start now. You do not want any restrictions. Sudden changes in joint finances you share with another such as your partner, family or business relationship may change either up or down. You may also receive an inheritance during this transit. Relationships are likely to go through a transformation.

Ninth House
With a Uranus house transit in your ninth house you explore learning as a vehicle to help you grow and expand your knowledge about life. You will need to be flexible as you become stimulated by learning new things and exploring ideas. You may also begin studying areas such as Astrology, Science, technology etc. Anything to do with innovation will look appealing. Travelling is also likely now. By staying open to opportunities you are able to look at the world from a different angle.

Tenth House
With Uranus transiting the tenth house your professional life and career are set for some drastic changes. The way you present yourself to society could be challenged and you may feel you need to look at other opportunities that give you more inspiration so you learn from new experiences.

You will find it difficult to follow orders from bosses, parents or any type of authority. You want freedom and will resent feeling restricted. Care must be taken not to do things without weighing up the pros and cons. This is one of the times in life when you can react without thinking and later regret your actions or decisions. Therefore only upon reflection make the necessary changes or make manageable changes. You will not feel like having lots of responsibility during this transit so perhaps look at careers that entice and inspire you.

Eleventh House
With Uranus transiting your eleventh house your hopes and dreams will feel be a top priority. You may start to feel you may actually achieve some of your goals. Any groups, friends, clubs or committees you belong to may be a little challenging or in need of changes to keep you stimulated. You may look for friends that inspire you or at have similar interests or goals. Freedom will be a top priority and as Uranus has a natural affiliation with the eleventh house this should be an easier transit especially if you are open to new ideas.

Twelfth House
With a Uranus house transit through your twelfth house the effects may not be very obvious as the energy is more subtle and unconscious. Things that may have been hidden are now revealed and you may or may not like what you see now. Upsets and surprises are all possible now. You may experience this transit by discovering someone is secretly working against you but this may be because you have attracted this situation by your past actions. Sometimes events you may have wanted kept hidden are revealed at the most inopportune moments.

This is a good time to clear up old stuff that is floating around your unconscious mind. Institutions as well as hospitals prisons etc. also come under the twelfth house. Although you are unlikely to go to prison you may have some kind of connection with an institution like a hospital during this time.

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