Sun in houses 1 to 12
How the Sun influences each house

The Sun in houses one to twelve of a birth chart will provide clues on where you need to shine and stand out from the crowd. This house will be the area of life you need to distinguish yourself in some way. This can also help you gain a greater sense of your own power, purpose and direction in life.

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Sun in First house
With the Sun in the first house you want to be noticed. You want to be admired by other people.  You enjoy making a difference and influencing others with your energy and warmth. You meet life with confidence and have the determination to make something of yourself. You enjoy having some kind of authority as this fulfils your desire for recognition and appreciation.

Sun in Second house
Having the Sun in houses where confidence and self esteem is so important - the Second house Sun wants you to be confident and meet life with vitality.  To develop personal skills, values and resources to achieve a sense of individuality. You have an urge to create a sense of self worth and power by acquiring money and possessions. Although you can be generous with money you also expect some kind of recognition in return. Security can come to you by developing courage, strength and dignity. You will feel safer if you develop these traits rather than just focusing on the materialistic side of your life.

Sun in Third house
With the Sun in the third house you need to develop and respect your own beliefs, views and perception on things. You thrive when you are learning something or sharing and exchanging ideas with others. You need to feel heard and noticed. Your immediate environment is important. Going for a walk, chatting to people at your local shops or just enjoying a cup of tea with a friend or neighbour is a something you enjoy.

Sun in Fourth house
With the Sun in houses ruled by our early environment - in the fourth house you need to distinguish your own individuality. As the fourth house and the Sun also represent Father, you may have experienced your father as a powerful and authoritative person. You are likely to have a strong need to own a home. A renewed sense of creativity and joy of expressing yourself is often more accessible in your later years.

Sun in Fifth house
Having the Sun in the fifth house is a strong position as this is the house ruled by the Sun. You have a sense of identity and power which makes you feel good and purposeful about being alive. You need to express some form of artistic or creative side. You will find life is enriched through hobbies, sporting events, recreational pursuits, trips to theatre, art galleries etc. The playful child wants to be free and alive.

Sun in Sixth house
Having the Sun in the sixth house you need to develop a solid ego-identity around health, daily routine and work. You have the ability to inspire and help other people by showing them better ways to maintain their good health. You also benefit by developing skills to ensure you keep yourself in employment market. In many ways you often find yourself being of service to others. Being efficient in your daily routine will ensure you feel more in control and develop a stronger feeling of identity.

Sun in Seventh house
With the Sun in houses ruled by partnership you often find your individuality in relationships.  Involving yourself in joint activities helps you to define yourself more clearly. Having the Sun in the seventh house means you have a strong yearning to involve yourself with other people.

Sun in Eighth house
With the Sun in the eighth house you yearn to connect with something or someone on a deep level. The eighth house represents other people’s money which can represent a business or personal relationship. You may often find others want to look after you and give you money. You may receive and inheritance and may work in banking, insurance or anything to do with other people’s money and resources. You usually have an interest in the occult.

Sun in Ninth house
With the Sun in the ninth house you love to broaden your horizons and enjoy travelling and reading. Philosophy is very important for you as you enjoy exploring the deeper meaning of life. You love to inspire other people and with your thirst for knowledge you would make an excellent teacher or public speaker.

Sun in Tenth house
Having the Sun in houses ruled by your identity, career and professional development - you shine in public and want to be seen as someone that makes a difference.  The Sun in the tenth house also represents mother so you you may need to ensure you are doing something you want to do and not what you think your mother would have wanted you to do.

Sun in Eleventh house
With the Sun in the eleventh house you want to be recognized and appreciated in your social, groups. Friendships are important and they can even help you to achieve your goals and dreams. By setting feasible goals you gain sense of identity - as you achieve your goals you feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life.

Sun in Twelfth house
With the Sun in houses like the twelfth house you are likely to be shy and a little reserved. You need peace, space and time alone and enjoy working behind the scenes. You feel a sense of worth by helping others that are less fortunate than yourself. You are very intuitive and would benefit by keeping a dream journal. Writing would be a great way for you to express your deeper thoughts giving you more clarity in your life.

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