Astrology Rising Signs or Ascendant
your Mask to the World

Rising Signs - also commonly refered to as the Ascendant is the sign that was rising in the sky the moment you were born. That sign is like the mask you show to the world. This can explain why people sometimes think we do not look like our Sun Sign.

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Each of the 12 Rising Signs (or sign on our Ascendant) are described below:


With Aries Rising you tend to have a strong and muscular body. Your face tends to be broad across the eyes. Your eyes often stare out honestly from under thick, arched eyebrows. Your hair may have a reddish tinge and men often have a tendency to baldness.

Arians tend to walk quickly and move faster than other signs. You appear friendly and happy and often find it hard to conceal what you are thinking. You prefer to make up your own mind about things. Your sense of humour and child-like appeal can sometimes help you get what you want.


With Taurus Rising you tend to have a sturdy body. You have a great smile and your gentle manner adds to your attractive looks.

You appear slow moving to others as you prefer to make your own way through life at your own pace. Many Taureans love gardening and find it a therapeutic experience. It is also possible your parents were farmers or gardeners.


With Gemini on the Ascendant you are likely to be slim and neat. You prefer an non-fuss short hair style. You appear cheerful, confident and friendly.

You appear to be very capable and efficient. Your car is important to you as well as the latest electronic gadgets. As you love to chat - your mobile phone is never far away! You have a quick logical orderly mind.


Cancer Rising people often have and a nicely shaped nose. You prefer to wear conservative clothing.

With your pleasant, caring & kind nature others want to be around you. Although friendships are important - you enjoy spending most of your time with your immediate family. You are an excellent listener and others may find you a bit shy when they first meet you.


With Leo on the Ascendant you tend to move in a slow regal manner. Your hair is often thick and abundant. You prefer to dress fashionably and surround yourself with quality goods.

You are interested in people and display a generous nature. You may at times appear arrogant, however generally you are well liked and admired. You are an excellent listener and talker with a talent for public speaking.


With Virgo on the Ascendant you tend to have a long slim well defined face and large pale eyes. Your good posture is one of your best assets.

You are generally polite, although a little guarded at times. You generally loosen up when you feel comfortable and relaxed. You are also generally well dressed.


Libra Rising people are generally good looking, with refined delicate features. You tend to have clear skin, attractive large eyes combined with and friendly smile. You move yourself in graceful manner.

With your charming nature, people tend to like you instantly. You are friendly and have a genuine interest in what others have to say. You are respectful and like to be fair. You tend to buy good quality clothing.


With Scorpio Rising you hair is often one of your best features - it's generally thick and abundant. You have a smile that lights up your whole face.

Your appearance is generally magnetic and you display a touch of elusiveness that makes others want to know more about you. Your voice is usually low but rather captivating. You may have a flair for dancing.


With Sagittarius on the Ascendant your smile is captivating as well as your friendly cheerful outgoing nature. You are curious about people and enjoy meeting new people.

You display confidence and optimism and have a knack for making people laugh.


With Capricorn Rising you tend to have high cheekbones and large eyes. You generally appear calm, gentle and quiet in social situations. You tend to act formal and businesslike in the corporate world.

You don't like to display your feelings in public. You tend to be reserved but with a dry sense of humour making you popular. You prefer to dress conservatively.


With Aquarius Rising you are usually good looking with highly arched eyebrows. Your choice of clothes is totally individual.

You tend to be friendly, open and jovial. You are not afraid to speak to your mind. You love meeting new people and are not put off by unusual types. You don't judge others by their outer appearances. You have a great sense of humour and are known for your one liners.


With Pisces Rising your eyes tend to be a pale grey or grey-blue colour and they may be large or prominent in some way. You project a gentle, helpful, kind and compassionate nature.

You are fun to be with and a pleasant friend. You make an excellent actor as you can fit into any kind of situation.


The Rising Signs give us more information about ourselves. If your Astrology Chart has the same sign in three or more planets you will probably also be aware of this working in your chart.

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