A Pluto House Transit
Where is your Life
Undergoing Transformation

In Astrology a Pluto house transit wants you to let go of what is not working and transform yourself so you can live a more authentic life.

As Pluto transits each house, it signifies the areas of your life that is due for a major transformation.

First House
With Pluto transiting your first house this will be when you start to restructure parts of your individuality. Getting in touch with yourself will be insightful and help you gain more control over your unconscious. This Pluto house transit will urge you to seek out the inner dimensions of your life. You may be attracted to the hidden aspects of life. Even studying astrology, yoga or other spiritual doctrines may appeal to you now.

Second House
As Pluto house transits through your second house your material needs are likely to change. If you try and hold onto your possessions or the sources of income you are used to, you will only slow down this process. Where you normally earn your money is likely to change during this period. This is a good time to take care of your inner values. Your own self worth is undergoing a transformation now and you will hopefully discover what is truly valuable in your in life.

Third House
With Pluto transiting your third house your everyday communication with others will be more important and serious. The daily routine you normally take for granted will start to change and you may be forced to make changes as you question your beliefs. Changes of scenery and travelling short distances may prove insightful. Make an effort to gain a new perspective so you can understand each day of your life a little more deeply.

Fourth House
Pluto transiting through your fourth house may bring up concerns from your childhood. Your domestic life may change. You may move or undergo renovations. There may also be changes within the family such as divorce, death and separation. With this Pluto house transit your relationship with your parents may undergo change especially if you have been dependant on them.

Fifth House
With a Pluto transiting your fifth house children, your creativity and romantic affairs can all be areas of transformation. If you have children this could be an intense time and you may have to deal with power struggles. You may attract a very romantic and emotional relationship. An existing love relationship may be very intense and will go through a complete transformation. If a troubled relationship does survive it has the potential to last forever. Your creative life will also be important.

Sixth House
With Pluto transiting your sixth house you may consider taking up yoga or some kind of physical regimen now. Also check your diet and see how your body responds to different foods. You may have changes in your work and leave or change your profession. This house transit can create tension with people in your job particularly bosses. You may be compelled to look elsewhere for work even if you don’t want to. If there is a lot of tension, it will a probably be better to get another job. You may change jobs more frequently during this transit but as you do you will get closer to a job that meets your needs.

Seventh House
With Pluto transiting your seventh house your close relationships are likely to undergo significant changes. Your life is likely to be transformed through a close relationship. A marriage or business relationship may go through profound changes now. If these relationships are not sound they may not last during this house transit. Some people need the emotional intensity in a relationship so this transit may indicate be a beneficial time for marriage.

Eighth House
With Pluto transiting your eighth house major transformation issues: death, rebirth and regeneration will be more significant in your life now. You may become involved in the occult or issues that relate to life and death. This house transit can also affect your joint possessions. This is not the ideal time to go into debt primarily because may end up with some else in control of your finances.

Ninth House
With Pluto transiting your ninth house knowledge will have an important and profound affect on your life. Religion, travel, mystical and occult philosophies are all areas that may appeal to you now. Care must be taken not to become too obsessed with the knowledge you gain by telling everyone what you have learnt, let others decide what is right for them.

Tenth House
With Pluto transiting the tenth house this one of the most important transits. If you have not yet discovered what you want to do for a career now is the time to find out. With this Pluto house transit you will have the power and drive to succeed and achieve your goals. If you try and dominate or control others you will be brought down abruptly for this is the negative side of Pluto. If you go down the path of finding the right profession for you this will be an rewarding and positive transit.

Eleventh House
With Pluto transiting your eleventh house your hopes and wishes may undergo profound changes. You will also find your friendships changing. Your ideals start to change. Your friendships will be more deep and intense. Some friendships and groups you belong to may end and new ones formed. Transformation through your friendships and renewing your goals is the purpose of this transit.

Twelfth House
With Pluto transiting your twelfth house it will be necessary to confront those buried parts of yourself. These can be anything from actions you regret or failed relationships or something you have faced up to in the past. If you avoid confronting issues that need to be dealt with you may create circumstances that control you. By facing issues directly and honestly you can clear away and prevent them from having any further influence on your life helping you to rebuild and transform yourself. This Pluto house transit allows you to release the old garbage before Pluto transits your first house.

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