A Neptune House Transit
What are you dreams?

In Astrology when you experience a Neptune house transit you need to be aware and take care you are not being too idealistic. With Neptune it can be hard to tell the difference between dreaming and reality. Have a back up plan and some kind of structure behind your dreams will make you prepared and more likely turn your dreams into a reality.

Neptune Transits to the Houses:

First House
With Neptune transiting your first house you will need to become aware of who you are and what you want. You may feel self conscious and lack direction. You will find you easy to pick up the moods of those around you as your mind, body and soul are more attuned to a higher energy. You may gain more insight by meditating and discovering a spiritual side to your life.

Second House
With a Neptune house transit through your second house what you value could change now. Your material resources like money and property need to be carefully guarded. Do not take unnecessary risks and be careful of get rich quick schemes. Although you may learn that material possessions are not that important take care not to be swindled.

Third House
With Neptune transiting your third house care should be taken with the way you communicate with others. You also may start to take an interest in spiritual matters and begin studying areas such as reincarnation. Your imagination will be very active perhaps you may try your hand at writing poetry. With this Neptune house transit you may find your psychic abilities are heightened.

Fourth House
As Neptune transits through your fourth house your domestic and private life is likely to undergo changes. You may also experience some confusion to your past or connections with your family or home life. Ty and visualize how you want your home to look like and strive to make changes that suit your needs. With this Neptune house transit you will want your home to feel beautiful so you can relax and unwind in your own space.

Fifth House
With a Neptune house transit through your fifth house your creativity and romantic needs are at an all time high. You want to feel a spiritual connection rather than just a physical encounter. You may also find yourself falling in love with someone that is unavailable. Try not to be too idealistic and feel you have to take care of someone that needs to be “saved”. Your artistic imagination is strong and full of new ideas. If you have children you may have some difficulty understanding them or connecting with them during this transit.

Sixth House
With Neptune transiting the sixth house you need to pay particular attention to your health. Try and ensure you are eating a healthy diet but do not become so obsessive that you abstain from food or just eat one type of food etc. You will enjoy this Neptune house transit more if you can find work that is creative as well as serves others needs. Doing something we enjoy is ultimately something we can all strive to obtain as the saying goes “do what you love and the money will follow”.

Seventh House
With Neptune transiting your seventh house close relationships can be filled with miscommunication. Conflicts or resentments need to be brought out into the open so any problems can be nipped in the bud. You also need to take care you are not idealizing your relationships or putting your partner on a pedestal. You may also find yourself taking care of someone during this period. With this Neptune house transit care should also be taken when forming business relationships. However, established good relationships should continue but be aware of how you communicate to avoid any misunderstandings.

Eighth House
With Neptune transiting your eighth house you want to discover those hidden areas of your life that have been buried. Your may want to develop your psychic powers and delve into your subconscious mind. Care should be taken with money especially joint finances. Relationships may deepen and have spiritual meaning but may prove a little confusing.

Ninth House
With Neptune transiting your ninth house you may find yourself searching for your spiritual truth. This Neptune house transit wants you to explore new ideas, mystical and spiritual. You may also have some confusion around travel or learning. You will need time to sort out what is an illusion and what is real in your life.

Tenth House
With Neptune transiting the tenth house you may feel unsure about where you are heading in your life. What do you do as a career? Does it have a purpose that fulfills you? If this is not the case you may struggle with this Neptune house transit. You may want to do social work or some kind of work that involves helping others. You may develop an interest in occult, psychic or spiritual areas and may consider these as a career option.

Eleventh House
With Neptune transiting the eleventh house your may need to develop some boundaries with your friends and social groups. If you are interested in psychic and spiritual matters you may find yourself involved with groups and friends also interested in these areas. As your hopes, dreams and wishes will be stronger now you will need to be sure you are also dealing with reality to achieve your objectives.

Twelfth House
With Neptune transiting the twelfth house this is a great time for reflection. You will value your spiritual life far more than your material life. You may want to withdraw at times from the rapid pace of everyday life. If you have had a demanding career you may want to lighten up your responsibilities during this transit. The meaning of life will be more important than ever. Psychic abilities are also aroused if you have any interest in this you will find you get progress now by contacting deeper dimensions of your existence.This Neptune House transit is one of the most positive transits for Neptune as it feels at home in the twelfth house.

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