Astrology Understanding Your Unique Potential

Hi there

My name is Julia and I have been interested in Astrology since my early teens. I was first introduced to Astrology by my dad back way back in the 70s. In those days there was no internet so all the calculations had to be done by hand. It was tough being an Astrologer in those days. It could take at least an hour just to produce a chart.

Nowadays anyone can enter their birth data into the computer and with a press of a button a chart appears on the screen. Now - all you need is an experienced Astrologer to help you interpret your personal birth chart.

Astrology has been an excellent tool in my own life. It never ceases to amaze me how I can gain a fresh perspective even when in the midst of difficult and challenging times. Armed with an awareness and some tips on how to deal with the energy is vital. It helps you "dance" with the planets and not work against them. I remain as passionate about this craft as I was in the early days.

A personal reading provides insights and clarity providing you with an awareness that gives you control and allows you to remain true to yourself so you can experience life in your own authentic way. In a nutshell we are all on the planet for different reasons and its useful to discover what you can offer and ultimately feel more fulfilled in your everyday life.

I can arrange the following Readings: A Natal Chart, Progressed Chart or a Relationship Chart. A reading lasts for about an hour depending on the type of reading and what you want to cover during the session. Whether you are looking for clarity in your career, love, money or spiritual path a personal horoscope reading can help you get inspired about your life and keep you on track.

I offer personal readings via Skype, phone or face to face readings in Sydney. You just need to supply your date of birth, time (if known) and City/Country.

Astrology is an exquisite language used to describe energies. It is so much more than our Sun or Star Signs.

What does an Reading provide?
With so many highs and lows in our lives. We can sometimes feel overwhelmed. We may be at the start of a new relationship or thinking about ending a relationship. Perhaps some clarity is needed in the direction of our career? A reading can help you gain insight into key areas influencing you at this time.

To arrange for a personal appointment select the Contact Me button on the left hand side and complete the form. I will then contact you to confirm the booking time - depending on where you live also confirm where the reading will take place. You will then be well on your way to self discovery!

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