Astrology Elements
Fire Earth Air & Water

 Astrology Elements can be divided into four elements:


Fire brings light and warmth. Fire signs do the same. Fire is volitile, dramatic and exciting. It can be hard to contain. Fire signs need to express themselves. Life needs to be exciting and full of colour. They are often in roles of leadership as they like to be in charge and are generally assertive.

Fire Signs:
Aries: The new fire crackling, spurting and erupting
Leo: The established fire, steady and hot
Sagittarius: The glowing embers of the fire - can be fanned back to life

The Earth Element relates to the physical body. The Earth signs are more tuned into the five physical senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and sound). They need to create order and don't like to be pushed into things. Slow and steady wins the race with these signs.

Earth Signs:
Taurus: Rich and productive - crops growing
Virgo: The crops have grown to perfection
Capricorn: The seeds now lied buried ready to sprout

Air signs relate to the mental body. They need to understand the world in order to feel safe. They need renewal, mobility and growth. They love communicating - for them its a way to clear their head. It helps them see things more clearly. So listen to them and they will love you for it.

Air Signs:
Gemini: The air of the wind rustling through the leaves
Libra: The clouds of the sky moving in the wind
Aquarius: The still air in the morning

The Water Signs relate to the emotional body. These signs are motivated by closeness, connection and a sense of belonging. Emotional security is strong and they fear rejection and abandonment. Water is highly sensitive and deeply intuitive.

Water Signs:
Cancer: a fountain
Scorpio: deep, depth of the ocean
Pisces: waves on the surface of the ocean

The Elements in Astrology are a great tool to define the big picture. This can help us understand for example why someone don't mind switching jobs or homes. But for others the thought of making changes would be very stressful.

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